Female Israeli Soldier Fends Off Dozens of ultra-Orthodox Anti-draft Protesters Attacking Her

The soldier, Nomi Golan, was attempting to guide the car through a Jerusalem demonstration against the arrest of two yeshiva students

Female Israeli soldier fends off ultra-Orthodox protesters
Screen shot

An off-duty female soldier fended off a crowd of ultra-Orthodox demonstrators in Jerusalem on Monday night using karate chops and kung-fu kicks, the Washington Post reported. 

The soldier, Nomi Golan, was attempting at the time to guide a motorist who was attemting to drive through the crowd of demonstrators. The protesters were demonstrating against the arrest of two yeshiva students who had failed to report to an army recruitment office. A video clip that captured the scene shows Golan repelling a group of men as they called her a whore and a "shiksa," Yiddish for a non-Jewish woman. She was also reportedly spat upon.

Ultra-Orthodox protests continued later in the week over the arrest of the two yeshiva students. Around 30 demonstrators began protesting Thursday morning on highway Route 446, blocking the road near Modi'in Ilit northwest of Jerusalem to kick off a declared "day of rage." Although ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students are currently routinely exempted from the draft, they must report to Israel Defense Force enlistments offices to request the exemption. The exemption has been the subject of a legal challenge.