Felon Extradited to Israel 18 Years After Fleeing Abroad

Having left the country on furlough from prison using a forged passport after attempted murder conviction, Israeli tracked down in Mexico under fake identity

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Erez Akrisheuski escorted out of a Buenos Aires courthouse, October 16, 2004.
Erez Akrisheuski escorted out of a Buenos Aires courthouse, October 16, 2004.Credit: Rolando Andrade/AP

An Israeli man who fled the country in 2001, two years after being convicted of two attempted murders and forgery, was turned over to Israel on Tuesday by the Mexican authorities, who arrested him on Sunday for using forged documents.

In 1999, Erez Akrisheuski was sentenced to 21 years in prison for shooting a man and his son at a central Tel Aviv market the year before. 

On furlough from prison, he fled Israel using a fake passport. Akrisheuski had been caught in Argentina in 2004, but managed to escape before authorities could extradite him to Israel.

Since then, the Israeli police have been trying to track him down in several countries he had been rumored to be in. 

Intelligence they gathered four months ago pointed to him being in Mexico under a fake identity, as he has done in other Latin American countries in previous years. 

Police said he had forged ties with criminal groups in Mexico and received assistance from them.

With the help of Mexican special forces, he was tracked down and his identity verified.

Speaking to Israel Police representatives in Mexico, Akrisheuski confirmed that it was in fact him, and within hours of his arrest he was put on a plane to Israel, landing in Tel Aviv Tuesday overnight.

Forces moved him to Nitzan Prison in central Israel, where he is expected to serve the remainder of his sentence following a court hearing slated for Thursday.