Father of Teen Israeli Pop Star Charged With Harassment of Underage Fans

Ronen Bity - the father of Adi Bity - is accused of contacting girls as young as 13 through a WhatsApp fan group and asking them to perform sexual acts and send him recordings

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Ronen Bity, father of teen Israeli pop star Adi Bity, charged with harassment of underage fans
Ronen Bity, father of teen Israeli pop star Adi Bity, charged with harassment of underage fansCredit: \ Ilan Assayag

Ronen Bity, the father of singer and children’s star Adi Bity, was charged in court on Wednesday with the indecent assault and sexual harassment of nine girls between the ages of 13 and 15. All the teenagers are fans of his daughter.

According to the charge sheet, he “Grossly abused the minors’ blind admiration for his daughter and the desire of the minors to get close and win his favor at any price.”

Bity allegedly made contact with the girls through a WhatsApp group he set up for his daughter’s fans called Bity Empire. He then contact them privately and persuaded them to download the Telegram app so they could speak through a more secure channel.

According to the indictment, Bity asked the girls to perform sexual acts and send him recordings in which they are heard moaning. It says that he spoke to them about their sexual behavior and sent them photos and videos of himself performing sexual acts. He is also accused of threatening two of the girls after they contacted his wife about his behavior.

Bity was also suspected of trying to have sexual relations with a 14-year-old with her consent, but this charge did not appear in the indictment. The police decided there was not enough evidence to support the allegation.

Bity denies the allegations, saying the claims are part of a revenge campaign by fans who were removed from the fan page he ran. Under questioning Bity said that fans had made him illicit offers to be included as administrators of the fan forum, but he rebuffed them.

The police want Bity detained until the end of legal proceedings. In making the request in Kfar Saba Magistrate’s Court, prosecutors said the fans described conversations with him as an opportunity to get closer to his daughter. The court extended his detention for six days as the investigation continues.