Fatah Bans Former Gaza Strongman Dahlan From Meetings

Fatah investigating Mohammed Dahlan's financial assets as well as accusations Dahlan incited against PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Western-backed Palestinian Fatah faction has banned from meetings a former
leader, once considered a possible successor to President Mahmoud Abbas, an official news agency reported on Tuesday.

Mohammed Dahlan, for years Fatah's strongman in the Gaza Strip, was banned from attending faction meetings, the WAFA news agency reported, saying only that he was being investigated by the group's highest decision-making body.

Abbas and Dahlan (AP)

Dahlan first fell from grace in 2007 when Hamas Islamists routed Fatah forces to take control of the Gaza Strip. As security chief, Dahlan had been charged with keeping Fatah
dominant in the coastal territory.

A senior Fatah official said the investigation revolves around Dahlan's financial assets and accusations of incitement against Abbas.

Palestinian officials, speaking anonymously, have said Dahlan had publicly spoken poorly of Abbas's sons and had criticized the Palestinian president, going as far as to call for his replacement.

Dahlan, who could not be reached for comment, was also ousted from his position of commissioner of Fatah media and is being replaced by a long-standing Abbas spokesman.

Prior to the ban, Abbas had ordered security guards to be removed from Dahlan's office and house in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Since then, Dahlan has spent more time abroad.