Family of IDF Officer Killed in Border Clash: He Insisted on Doing Reserve Duty

Lieutenant Colonel Harari, called Barry by his friends, was supposed to retire from reserve duty, but asked to continue. 'He was a good man, he helped people' says his brother.

Family and friends of Dov Harari, affectionately called "Barry", who was killed Tuesday in a military confrontation on the Israel-Lebanon border, said that Harari loved his country and the Israel Defense Forces, and that everyone who knew him loved him. Harari was killed by sniper fire on his observation post while he was overseeing a tree pruning operation along the border fence with Lebanon.

Lieutenant Colonel Dov Harari
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

His father, Yaakov Harari, told Channel 2 news that Dov was about to retire from reserve duty, but voluntarily asked to continue. Another relative, Yossi Dayan, talked about Dov's love for the army, saying, "this was supposed to be his last reserve duty. And in the end, it really was."

Harari, 45 years old and father of 4, engineering corps reserves battalion commander, was an owner of a building materials store in Netanya. Friends said that he had lived his whole life in Netanya, and that he had met his wife all the way back in elementary school. "They began dating in the eighth grade, and they were the first couple among their friends to get married. Theirs was a warm home, small but always filled with their kids' friends," his friends said.

His brother Shmuel said that Dov was loved by many and known to all. "There isn't a single person in Netanya that wouldn't say that he was a good man. He would help people, do good deeds, build furniture for children's nurseries. So many people loved him, he was just plain lovable."

"Barry was a guy that knew it all, electronics, carpentry, mechanics," his brother said. "He has left behind a great void. We have to pick up the pieces and move on." Lee, his niece, said, "He raised me, he was the best. He always cared for the people around him, there wasn't a single person in Netanya that didn't know him." She added that "He always looked out for others first, for his kids, for his wife, even for people that he just met."

Tamir Ganot, Harari's friend, said, "Barry was an amazing man, salt of the earth. He loved to help out, hammer in hand. He would help out poor people, children's nurseries, old ladies in need of help – he only knew how to give, give, give. Everyone in Netanya knew him."

Ganot added that "Barry loved the army and loved reserve duty, all throughout his army career. He was someone who was always called upon, and he would arrive instantly. He is an example of the good Israeli. When the army retreated from Lebanon, he tried to reach the border to help his friends from the South Lebanon Army acclimate in Israel. No one can say a bad word about him – even when he was alive."

Shimon, a family friend, said that "There was nobody like Barry, a man that helped children and poor people, volunteered for everything, modest, humble and shy. He volunteered for reserve duty and loved Israel and the IDF, there was nobody like him. It's impossible to describe the loss. Head and shoulders above the rest, so loved."