Faces of Female Stars of Israel's 'SNL' Ripped Off Jerusalem Billboards

Deputy Jerusalem mayor insists the vandalism was work of extremists, says he 'cannot understand the crazy people who want to see only men in this world'

The faces of female actors and comedians were removed from a billboard in Jerusalem on Wednesday October 25.
Olivier Fitoussi

The faces of six female satirists appearing on the Israeli television show "It's a Beautiful Country" (Eretz Nehederet) were ripped off billboards in Jerusalem on Wednesday night.

The ads, hung from bridges crossing Begin Street, showed the faces of various stars on the Keshet broadcasting network, including six women starring on Eretz Nehederet – whose images were defaced. Literally.

Deputy mayor Ofer Berkowitz said on Thursday morning that he "cannot understand the crazy people who want to see only men in this world." The perpetrators must have been extremists, he added, who were giving Jerusalem a bad name. The authorities won't stand by and twiddle their thumbs,  Berkowitz vowed, saying he had demanded the police take action.

Some years ago, a ruckus erupted after several companies, including the bus monopoly Egged, decided against hanging billboards in Jerusalem by roads, or on buses that show women. Following an uproar, the companies reversed their policy – but in following years, billboards that do show women have sometimes been vandalized.