Tokyo to N.Y.C.: Exporting the Israeli Kitchen / Tel Aviv Table Podcast

Meet the Israeli chef taking New York by storm, and hear the latest Israeli food news.

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Minato, Tokyo. Chana’s Place, will be located at a Chabad House. Credit: Indrik Myneur

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Meet the Israeli chef taking New York by storm
Chef Einat Admony is one of several highly successful Israeli chefs around the world. Host Daniella Cheslow visits Admony in her Bolonat Bar, which the New York Times reviewed as one of New York’s ten best new restaurants of 2014.

Food News: bringing the middle east to the far east
Chana’s Place is bringing kosher, Jewish Israeli food to Tokyo; Arocha is a startup that brings recipes and groceries in the exact amount to your door every week; a soup festival in the Tel Aviv farmers’ market features soups served by real grandmas.