Ex-wife of Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Brought to Israel in Grave Physical Condition

Netanyahu comes to the aid of Anne Pollard who was found in serious condition in New York, says Israel has moral obligation toward the Pollards.

The former wife of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was brought to Israel on Monday, after she was found in a dire  financial and physical condition in her New York home last week.

Pollard contacted the Israeli consulate in New York last week and requested urgent help. A consulate official came to her apartment in New York and discovered her in a very grave physical condition.

Pollard told the official that she hasn't eaten in six days, and following the incident the New York consulate reported her condition to the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed cabinet secretary Zvi Houser to urgently find a solution for Anne Pollard's problem, and a special team from the foreign ministry, the prime minister's office, and the absorption ministry was established to tend to it.

pollard - AP - March 30, 2006

The New York consulate transferred Pollard and her elderly father to a hotel and provided them with clothing and medical care. At the same time, officials set the arrangements for her and her father to be brought to Israel.

Netanyahu said that the state of Israel has a humanitarian and moral obligation toward Anne Pollard and Jonathan Pollard, who was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 on charges of spying on the U.S. for Israel.

Netanyahu said that "the affair ruined their lives."

Anne Pollard, who was also involved in the spying affair, served five years in an American prison and afterwards she moved to Israel and got a stipend from the government. After a number of years she returned to the United States and in the last year her physical and financial condition completely deteriorated.

Anne Pollard and her father were placed in a hotel following their arrival in Israel, and in the coming days the absorption ministry will work to find her a job and a permanent residence.