Israeli Minister Proposes Blacklist of Entities That Call for Boycotting Israel or Settlements

Under Gilad Erdan's proposal those entities on the list - including companies, organizations and individuals - would be subject to treasury sanctions, such as being banned from bidding on government tenders.

A Pro-Palestinian protester holds a BDS placard during a gathering on the sidelines of "Tel Aviv Sur Seine", on August 13, 2015.

Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan has recommended to Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon that a committee be set up to maintain a blacklist of companies, organizations and, in some cases, individuals who call for boycotts of Israel or the West Bank settlements.

Under Erdans proposal those entities on the list would be subject to treasury sanctions, such as being banned from bidding on government tenders. The Strategic Affairs Ministry is responsible for coordinating the struggle against boycotts of the Jewish state.

The recommendations were first reported by Channel 2 News. After they were reported, Erdan put the recommendations in writing to the treasury, noting that under the Boycott Law passed in 2011, the finance minister has the authority to promulgate regulations that would block entities that call for boycotting Israel from bidding on government tenders or receiving any financial benefits from the state.

Erdan suggested that the committee comprise representatives from the Finance Ministry, the Strategic Affairs Ministry and the Prime Ministers Office, and that the blacklist include entities that have willfully, consistently and methodically called publicly for a boycott of Israel.

Erdan also proposed that for this purpose Israel include the West Bank settlements. In the draft regulations Erdan sent to Kahlon, he wrote that the sanctions would also be imposed on entities that refuse to purchase products or services produce in Israel, by one of its institutions, or in an area under its control, i.e., the West Bank.

Under Erdans draft regulations, individuals who are executives of companies or nonprofit associations could also be included on the blacklist if they themselves call for boycotts of Israel in a consistent, methodical and organized fashion.