Rank and File: English On Stage Brings Back Hit Show in Honor of International Women's Day

Koby Mandell Foundation to present 10-year compilation of comedy tours; Jerusalem Marathon runners to participate in support of special charities.

VIVA LA DIVA: In honor of International Women’s Day, which is celebrated all month, English On Stage is bringing back its hit show “Little Black Dress,” which fuses humorous acts with renditions of beloved hits by icons like Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Adele, Cher, Beyonce and Celine Dion. “We took the versatility of the little black dress, which is a must-have fashion item and transposed it onto the versatility of women – they are the friend, mother, wife, career woman,” director Meirav Zur told Haaretz. “Each number is styled differently, so you can see one dress change throughout the show, made up of love songs, female empowerment songs and friendship songs and skits that are about women but are relatable to men.” The performance will be next Saturday, March 18, at Habima National Theater. The cast includes Shir Zelinger, Tamar Bettelheim, Noeat Kedem, Moran Meisels, Wendy Lehmann and Zur. For tickets, visit englishonstage.co.il.

COMEDY FOR KOBY: For a decade, L.A/-based comedian Avi Liberman has brought over top-of-the-line colleagues to Israel to benefit the Koby Mandell Foundation. Starting next Wednesday in Tel Aviv, the foundation will present “Comedy Road,” a 10-year compilation of previous tours, which tells the story of how the project got started and what it’s become. The film “shows that not only is Israel a great place to perform, but it will hopefully bust a lot of the images people have about Israel in the media,” Liberman, a native of Texas, told Haaretz. “People often ask me what it’s like hanging out with the comics while they are in Israel. This film gives a behind the scenes look at what that’s like,” added Liberman, who noted there are funny yet also heartfelt moments. The film’s tour takes it through Beit Shemesh, Ra’anana, Jerusalem, Gush Etzion and Modi’in. For more info, visitwww.comedyforkoby.com/comedyroad

CHARITY RUNNING: When the Jerusalem Marathon commences next Friday, hundreds of runners across all categories will be participating in support of special charities. Team Shira is running for the Shira Pransky Project, founded by her widower, Gary Pransky. He told Haaretz he founded the project upon reflecting on the difficulty as immigrants Shira and her parents, Nate and Amy Davidovich, had for 10 years in gaining their health rights after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He said the project has expanded from “putting together a checklist for medical patients” to partnering with Kol Zchut to provide online resource articles to bringing on a healthcare advocate this year, New Jersey-native Aviva Yoselis. The team of 150 has already surpassed last year’s total of $36,000 and is aiming for $50,000. Meanwhile, Crossroads, the support group for at-risk teens, has over 200 runners across all categories. “What is nice is we’ve seen is a lot of our alumni or parents of teens who received or are receiving services coming back to run with us,” Crossroads director Robbie Sassoon told Haaretz. To support either group, visit teamshira.org or http://crossroadsjerusalem.org/.

Rank and File was compiled by Steven Klein.

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