Test Yourself: Are You an Israel Election News Junkie?

A lot has happened in Israeli elections over the past week, from Likud to Labor, all the way to Hadash and Hosen L'Yisrael - test how much you know with this quiz

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Cybertech 2019 conference in Tel Aviv, January 29, 2019.

The Israeli election are progressing at a breakneck pace. Parties dissolve ties, add dark horses to their slates and release eyebrow-raising campaign videos every day. It's a lot to keep up with. But if you do, this quiz is for you.

Who joined which party? Who's merging with whom? And just how tall is Benny Gantz? This is your chance to prove you're an Israeli elections wiz. Good luck!

Let's see how well you're keeping up with Israel election news