Netanyahu Tells Likud Members to 'Lay Into' Right-wing Politicians Who 'Joined the Left'

Netanyahu slams 'biggest election fraud in history of country' at Likud meeting

Sam Sokol
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Netanyahu speaking in the Knesset last week
Netanyahu speaking in the Knesset last weekCredit: Ohad Zwigenberg
Sam Sokol

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decried what he described as election fraud on an unprecedented scale on Sunday, dubbing the establishment of a government with a slim Knesset majority as an attack on Israeli democracy itself.

Speaking before Likud lawmakers at a party faction meeting in the Knesset on Sunday, Netanyahu said that "journalists are taking part in this propaganda machine that enlisted in favor of the left, but you don’t have to be afraid of laying into" right-wing politicians who Netanyahu said are teaming up with the left. 

Netanyahu went on to say that Israelis were “witnessing the biggest election fraud in the history of the country, in my opinion in the history of democracy.”

On the day in which two more Yamina lawmakers were provided with additional security, Netanyahu "condemned violence from every side, even as others are silent as incitement rages against us," but reasserted that freedom of expression does not constitute incitement.

"You cannot consider criticism from the right as incitement and criticism from the left as a legitimate act of freedom of expression. This is an attempt to frame the right as something violent and dangerous to democracy,” he explained.

Warning that the hour is late but “not too late,” the prime minister called on lawmakers to vote against the establishment of what he termed a “dangerous left-wing government” backed by “terror supporters” which would not be able to stand up to American pressure to divide Jerusalem or stand up against Iran. If a Bennett-Lapid government was to be formed, he vowed to act to "bring it down very quickly."

“This is a government that will not be able to resist the return of the United States to the dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran, which will allow it to develop an arsenal of nuclear bombs that will threaten our very existence,” he declared, adding that a “government that depends on supporters of terrorism will also not be able to act in a systematic and consistent manner against the terrorist organizations in Gaza.”