Israeli Election Potential Kingmaker's Foot Massage Video Makes It to PornHub

Appearance on obscure web series days before vote gets Moshe Feiglin most bizarre campaign moment - including foot biting

Screengrab from a video of Moshe Feiglin on web series "Kablan Kolot" on PornHub, April 8, 2019.

Israel's 2019 general election campaign provided many bizarre moments, but it seems that none exceed Moshe Feiglin's inglorious appearance Saturday in an obscure web series, featuring over-excited foot slaps and massaging another man's feet, overloaded with gay innuendos, by the leader of far-right Zehut party, who never shied from expressing his staunch anti-gay views.

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Feiglin, appealing to young voters with his pro-marijuana and libertarian platform, is predicted to receive anywhere between five and seven Knesset seats in public opinion polls, potentially making him Israel's kingmaker after April 9.

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His smugness and unwavering willingness to harness the young vote, put together with an aim to keep far from public view his racist, supremacist views, led Feiglin to appear on mock interview show "Kablan Kolot," aired on Israeli news website Ynet. Its host, flamboyant comedian Dudu Bauchner, essentially tries to make his politician guests laugh, or better embarrassed.

With Feiglin, it seems Bauchner's job was easy enough. Sipping whiskey, they both willingly slapped each other's feet, gave alcohol-infused foot massages - the interviewer even bit Feiglin's feet, only to finish off with an intimate slow dance.

The video not only garnered much attention – mostly negative – on Israeli social media, but also made it to leading pornography website PornHub's gay category. Some Israelis, however, called it a "success" for the far-right politician, who they argue proved he has nothing against the LGBTQ community.