New Book on Amazon Claims to Outline Benny Gantz's Agenda. There's Only One Catch

'Benny Gantz: Mindset, Opinions and Thoughts' is available to buy for $4.99

A screenshot of the book for sale on Amazon

A new book dedicated to the agenda and strategy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's biggest challenger, Benny Gantz, was made available for purchase on Amazon Saturday. 

The book, titled "Benny Gantz: Mindset, Opinion and Thoughts," was penned by an Israeli author named Assaf Trafikant. While the oeuvre seems promising enough, there is a catch – beyond the cover, it is completely empty. 

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The e-book, which can be bought for $4.99, boasts of a cover depicting wind-blown desert sands, in an apparent nod to repeated criticism against the Israeli general. 

Upon announcing that he was entering politics and launching his own party, Hosen L'Yisrael, Gantz chose to remain silent regarding his values and plan for Israel, eliciting reproofs that claimed his vagueness meant he had no real message to offer Israelis. 

Gantz, who is the former chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, is projected to garner at least 22 seats in the April 9 election, according to the most recent Haaretz poll.

One comment on Amazon read, "I was surprised how thorough it is," and another read, "While many political commentators have tried to guess his mindset and strategy I believe it's only Trafikant's research that has accurately captured it. This book really is art. I love it."

In 2017, a book called "A History of the Palestinian People: From Ancient Times to the Modern Era" went on sale on Amazon, containing 132 blank pages. 

Assaf Voll, the "author" of the book, explained the pages were blank because Palestinians are not a people and are void of history – a mainstay argument of the Israeli right. That argument is belied by the fact that there are actual histories of Palestine being sold on Amazon.