Ehud Barak Unveils the Name of His New Party

Former prime minister's party will be called 'Yisrael Democratit,' meaning democratic Israel

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Ehud Barak at a press conference in Tel Aviv, July 2, 2019.
Ehud Barak at a press conference in Tel Aviv, July 2, 2019.Credit: Moti Milrod
Jonathan Lis
Jonathan Lis

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak said Saturday his new political party would be called Yisrael Demokratit – Democratic Israel.

The party said it would launch its election campaign Sunday under the slogan "the State of Netanyahu or the State of Israel."

"Israel finds itself a moment before a complete breakdown of Israeli democracy – a moment before we give up on everything that makes us who and what we are," Barak added in a statement. "This is a strategic threat no less serious than the Iranian threat."

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According to Barak, "Each of us has a choice between the State of Israel and the State of Netanyahu; between the shattering of Israeli democracy, intentional damage to the rule of law, the courts and the police; between the utter trampling of Israeli government and solidarity – and the Jewish, democratic state that Israel needs, that is right and sustainable."

Barak also announced that the party's advertising campaign would be managed by Udi Friedan and Ziv Koren, and that the campaign's public relations will be managed by Nili Reichman.

In June, Barak announced his return to politics and the establishment of his new party, saying that Prime Minister Benajmin Netanyahu's government, with its "corrupt and messianic elements," must be toppled.

"These are the darkest days we have known," Barak told a press conference, arguing that the decision to call a new election was solely meant to "disrupt the legal procedure" against Netanyahu in the corruption cases against him.

According to Barak, Netanayhu's "time as a political leader is over." He also called on other Israeli political leaders to join forces ahead of the September 17 election, especially "his brothers in arms" Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid from Kahol Lavan party.

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