Disgraced 'Israeli Idol' Judge Accused of Boosting Crime Ring's Favorite Contestant

Margalit 'Margol' Tzan'ani, judge on A Star is Born, has already been arrested on suspicion of extortion and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Top Israeli singer and TV personality Margalit "Margol" Tzan'ani and convicted criminal Michael Hazan were indicted Monday morning on charges of extortion, and conspiracy to commit a crime. Their remand was also extended by four days.

Furthermore, investigators from the national unit on economic crimes also discovered that Tzan'ani influenced the outcome of the vote on "A Star is Born" - the Israeli version of American Idol on which she is a judge - to curry favor with the crime ring, which sought to represent their favored “Star” contestant. The show has been criticized in the past for allegations of electoral fraud. 

margol - Oren Ziv - August 17 2011
Oren Ziv

The indictment states that Tzan'ani and Hazan asked crime figures associated with the Amir Mullner crime family to collect a debt for her from her manager, Asaf Atadagi. Atadagi is also the manager for singer Omer Adam; according to suspicions, Tzan'ani thought she deserved a commission for Adam's success after she put the two in contact.

In court last week, a police official said the police had conducted covert surveillance for several months, during which detectives obtained recordings of telephone conversations between Tzan'ani, Hazan and Amar, indicating she wanted them to act against her manager and make him pay her money he owed her.