Did Your St. George's Flag Go Blue and White?

Anglo File's Charlotte Hall asked seven British-Israelis to share their affiliations and reflections following the Israel-England match.

Joanne Odes Marketing analyst at the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel

"I've been waiting for this game since I made aliyah. I come from a football-mad family and we stayed in Jerusalem especially - we live in Alun Shvut - and arranged for a local taxi driver to pick 10 of us up straight after Shabbat. It was an operation, but there was great excitement - even if neither team played particularly well. As we supported Israel, we were quite content with the result.

Adrian Daniels Partner at Yigal Arnon & Co. law offices

"I supported England as I know nothing about Israeli football and I have no emotional connection to the team. If it was basketball, I'd have supported Israel because I know the team and players. I sat with the Israeli fans and wore my England shirt and sang both anthems. I like that dual thing. It kind of says who I am. By the end, I didn't care who scored, I just wanted a goal."

Ofer Ronen-Abels Israel Football Association spokesman

"I'd have liked England to be in a situation where it would not have required points from Israel to secure qualification, but both teams needed victory and both ended up dropping points. I still want Israel to win the next leg even if it means England will not qualify for the next Euro 2008, which could wreck my summer, or at least make the final tournament meaningless for me."

Brenda Katten Chairperson of the Israel, Britain and the Commonwealth Association

"I supported Israel because I live here and I'm an Israeli citizen. I was proud of the fact that we played against England, the home of football. It was a positive experience - it brought people here and showed that we're a normal country that loves football and that there's more to Israel than is shown in the media. People watching Sky in London could see the carnival atmosphere here."

Karen Kaufman Spokeswoman for the British Embassy, Tel Aviv

"Before the game, I didn't know who I would support as I'm born and bred in London but have chosen to make Israel my home. But I ended up sitting with the England fans, which was a lot of fun. There was a great atmosphere and I found myself rooting for England and cheering along with the England fans. My Israeli husband turned to me and said, 'What are you doing?'"

Ian Banks Chairman of Hitachdut Olei Britannia

"I wanted Israel to win as I regard myself as an Israeli first. Of course if England had been playing France - or indeed any other country - I would have supported England. I watched the game at a friend's on a big screen. I provided the beer which unfortunately was not Tetley's Bitter. It was a very disappointing match as it may well have put both teams out of the tournament."

Colin Bulka Jewish educator currently based in London

"The real question was never who you wanted to win on Saturday night. Rather, in the return match at Wembley, if Israel can't qualify but England can, now who do you want to win? My answer is that the hardcore Zionist will still want Israel to win. None of this namby-pamby, 'In that case we'll have England.' Most Israeli football supporters I know think I'm mad for saying that."