Decision to Raise Women’s Retirement Age Postponed by Two Months

Postponement intended to allow government enough time to reach a decision regarding the public committee’s recommendation to raise women’s retirement age to 67.

The Constitution, Law and Justice Committee said Sunday they are postponing by two months the date in which they announce their decision regarding a bill which prevents raising the retirement age for women beyond 62.

The postponement is intended to allow the government enough time to establish a position regarding a recommendation provided by the public committee to have women’s retirement age raised to 67.

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The committee of Knesset members was asked to discuss an alternative bill proposed by Kadima faction chair MK Dalia Itzik which would prevent the retirement age from being raised at all.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz has not yet formally announced whether or not he will adopt the committee’s recommendations, though he is inclined to do so.

A majority of Knesset members, from both the coalition and opposition, are against having the retirement age for women raised. Among that majority are Knesset members from Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Shas, Kadima and Labor Party factions.

The proposal to have women’s retirement age raised to 67 requires Knesset approval at three formal readings. However, if the retirement age is to be raised to 64, the Finance Committee’s approval is not required, since legislation includes a clause allowing women’s retirement age to automatically be raised to 64 upon the committee’s recommendation.

The Knesset estimates that at the end of the day the retirement age for women will be raised to 64, and not beyond that age.