WATCH: Darren Wilson Sits Down for His First Interview, Recounts Shooting Michael Brown

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Darren Wilson is interview by George Stephanopoulos on ABC News November 25, 2014Credit: Screengrab

Transcript from ABC News: 

"George Stephanopoulos Previews His Interview With Officer Darren Wilson:

This is an ABC news special report direct from Ferguson.  Good afternoon we're coming on the air right now because I just spent over an hour at a secret location with officer Darren Wilson.

He, of course, is the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown on August 9. Yesterday the grand jury decided not to bring charges against officer Wilson and today we went over every single question dealing with those fateful ninety seconds on August 9 when he encountered Michael Brown.

I asked him directly if he didn't shoot towards Michael Brown's back?  He said, 'no.'  He said, 'Michael Brown reached into his car grabbed for his gun and that's why he feared for his life'. He also said that later when Michael Brown left the car he actually charged toward officer Wilson, did not raise his hands in surrender and that's why the officer said he had to shoot Michael Brown on that day.

While he did say he was sorry, for the loss of life, the loss of Michael Brown's life, he said he would not do anything different that day.  He did what he was trained to do he was simply doing his job and I pressed him and I said would this have gone down any differently if Michael Brown were white?

He said absolutely not, he says he has a clean conscience over his actions."

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