'Where God Had Sex': Israel Joins Trump-trolling Video Trend

It all started when a Dutch TV host made a satirical case for why Trump should consider the Netherlands second after putting 'America first.'

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Israel joined the growing list of European countries making satirical cases for why U.S. President Donald Trump should consider their nations second after putting "America first."

The clip was aired on "Gav Ha'Uma," a satirical news show hosted by Lior Schleien.

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"America and Israel, we have a joint enemy: Iran. They call Israel the little Satan. They call America the great Satan. So when it comes to Satanism, thanks to us, America is great again," the Trump impersonating voice-over says.

The trend started when a Dutch television host aired a hilarious video on his show "Zondag met Lubach" ripping into Trump on just about everything in a plea to put the Netherlands second. After the video went viral, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland followed suit.

Soon after, Schleien's video went viral more would-be comedians and video editor's joined in as more satirical videos were released. Below are three more "Israel second" clips released recently: 

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