WATCH: Israeli Actress Gal Gadot Flusters Jimmy Kimmel With Question About Her Breasts

'I don't know, let me figure it out,' the U.S. television host replied to the star of the Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman films due out next year.

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Gal Gadot speaks to Jimmy Kimmel on his show, March 16, 2016.
Gal Gadot speaks to Jimmy Kimmel on his show, March 16, 2016.Credit: YouTube
Gal Gadot asks Jimmy Kimmel about her breasts, March 16, 2016.Credit: YouTube

Israeli actress Gal Gadot went literally over the top on Wednesday by asking  American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel during an interview on his show:

"What do you think about my breasts?"

"What?" the flustered Kimmel shot back. "I don't know, let me figure it out," he demurred, then regaining his composure, added:" They look great, both of them."

Gadot, 30, playing the super heroine in a "Batman v Superman" and "Wonder Woman" movies due for release next year, said her question  "might be a bad joke," but that she had asked because of how some comic fans had criticized her cup size.

Kimmel said he just had to get used to the sexy black costume she wears instead of the original skimpier red, white and blue outfit, and with that the issue was more or less laid to rest.

Growing up in a small town near Tel Aviv called Rosh Ha'ayin, Gadot rose to fame locally in Israel in 2004 by winning the Miss Israel title. She gained international recognition in 2009, when she appeared in "Fast and Furious."

Since then she has gone on to flourish, starring in films like "Triple 9" alongside the likes of Kate Winslet and appearing in the 2015 Gucci campaign.

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