Tel Aviv Protesters Boycott 'White Night' With 'Black Night' Parties of Their Own

Dozens of artists and performers cancel participation in Tel Aviv municipality's annual all-nighter to protest violence of police at last week's social justice demonstration.

Dozens of artists, musicians and performers have joined a Facebook campaign calling for a boycott of the Tel Aviv municipality's annual White Night event on Thursday, to protest police violence against social justice demonstrators last week.

While museums, clubs, and dozens of galleries are still planning to run as scheduled, a number of events have been canceled due to participants' refusal to take part in a festival sponsored by the municipality.

Prominent authors Yaheli Sobel, Etgar Keret, and Orly Castel Blum announced that they would not take part in a literary event in which they were to have read aloud from their stories; the Ozen Bar canceled its planned marathon featuring live soundtrack hit and a night of karaoke; the galleries Alfred, Kayma, Shai Aryeh and Kibbutz, and the photographer Adi Ness, informed the public that they too would not participate in White Night. The band the Giraffes have also canceled their show at the Banana Beach, saying silence is a better way to protest the municipality's behavior this time around than singing out their dissatisfaction.

Instead of White Night, protesters have organized a number of events they've dubbed Black Night. Rather than reveling in the "white city" of central Tel Aviv, they say, they will celebrate the potential of the neglected neighborhoods in the south.

The evening will kick off with one event in central Tel Aviv, at the corner of King George and Ben Zion Boulevard, with a protest led by social justice leaders against the violence used by police last weekend.

The main Black Night event will take place in the Shapira Quarter, a neighborhood home to many of the African migrants in the city, on the corner of Da Modina and Ba'alei Ha'akeida streets. Organizers have described this event as a joyous party to protest the neglect of the neighborhoods", and will include music and performances. Some 540 people have already "RSVPd" on Facebook.

Another event will take place in the Neve She'anan neighborhood, near the old central bus station, on the corners of Matalon and Tchlenov streets. This will be a full-on street party, complete with DJs and a "gallery" of its own – an exhibit featuring the protests in the neighborhoods of South Tel Aviv.