Tarantino, Look No Further: The Perfect Tunes for Pulp Fiction Director's Wedding With Israeli Fiancée

In a mysterious coincidence, the classic Greek tune 'Misirlou' - best known from Pulp Fiction - got two Israeli covers the same week Tarantino and Daniella Pik announced their engagement

If you have seen Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece “Pulp Fiction” you must absolutely remember this amazing cinematic-musical moment: The opening scene of the film comes to an end and Honey Bunny aims her gun at the people in the diner and screams her threats to kill anyone who moves. And then “Cut!” And immediately “Boom!” The royal guitar of Dick Dale, the king of kings of the surf guitar breaks in with the instrumental blast of Misirlou. Sensory overload.

Dale recorded Misirlou in the early 1960s, but the song has a much longer history. It was first recorded in Greece in the 1920s but may be even older. Now it turns out the song has a future too, and an Israeli one at that. Surprisingly, and almost mysteriously, two local versions of Misirlou were released over the past few weeks.

The first is from the band known as “The Greeks” (Hayevanim). The group includes drummers Alon Hillel and Eli Hadad along with guitarist Yoni Poliker. It is an enthusiastic collective of the Greek standard, but in a charming translation into Hebrew.

The second version preserves the original Greek language and is performed perfectly by steel vocal chords of Shlomi Saranaga.

The real question is which of the two versions Quentin Tarantino and Daniella Pik will choose for when they walk down the aisle together.