No, Paris Hilton Did Not Join Forces With Israeli Scientists to Reinvent Water

Viral video of so-called 'Paris Hilton Institute of Plastic Pollution Solutions' revealed to be SodaStream ad.

Paris Hilton presents 'Paris Hilton Institute of Plastic Pollution Solutions' as part of ad for SodaStream together with Weizmann Institute of Science

A viral video making the rounds on the internet this past week seemed to have a truly unbelievable premise: Hotel heiress Paris Hilton joined intellectual forces with Israel's preeminent Weizmann Institute of Science to revolutionize water.

The product born out of this almost comical cooperation: small tablets containing a few drops of carbonated water that they claimed was 5,000 times more hydrating than your average H20.

On Friday, it was revealed that despite its very scientific name, the Paris Hilton Institute of Plastic Pollution Solutions – aka PHIPPS – is not a real think tank, and the so-called highly condensed NanoDrops are not a real drinking solution. Rather, both are part of an ad for SodaStream, the Israeli sparkling water bar manufacturer.

NanoDrop - Highly Condensed Sparkling Water

The original video and statement were sent out through the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science's email and YouTube channel. On Friday it emerged the video was an April Fools' marketing campaign that sought to highlight how SodaStream can help "the environmental scourge our planet faces due to pollution from single use plastic water bottles." The ad was done by Tel Aviv's Allenby Concept House.

According to SodaStream's press release, Hilton is a  SodaStream enthusiast herself, and quoted the former reality TV star as saying she "loved working on this campaign as it delivers a really important message in a funny way that empowers everyone to make better choices and promotes a healthier and sustainable way of life.”

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