Morrissey Shows He Loves Israel in Tel Aviv Concert

Former Smiths lead singer wraps himself in Israeli flag, tries his hand at Hebrew.

Despite the sound system giving out during his first song, Morrissey's concert in Tel Aviv Saturday night was a success. The fans roared with glee as the former lead singer of The Smiths sang from his repertoire of hits.

Moz, as the singer is sometimes known, tried his hand at Hebrew during the show, asking the crowd, "Ma Nishma?" ("How's it going?"), replacing "Yes or no" with "Ken o lo" in one of his songs, and thanking the crowd by saying "toda."

Earlier on Saturday, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai presented the English singer with the keys to the city. The singer seemed genuinely excited by the gesture as he showed the crowd his prize.

The singer, a known vegetarian and activist for animal rights, said that now that he holds the keys to the city "things are going to change." Before starting to sing his vegetarian anthem "Meat Is Murder" he began delineating "No more McDonalds, no more Kentucky Fried Chickenno more Madonna."

It was reported that his contract with the concert's Israeli producer stipulated that no meat be sold on premises, as was the case in his last concert in Israel. Despite this, hotdogs were on sale at the stands in the concert hall.

At the end of the show, Morrissey began waving and wrapping himself in the Israeli flag to the delight of the cheering crowd.

Morrissey in concert in Tel Aviv, July 21, 2012.
Daniel Tchetchik