No Joke: Louis C.K. to Appear in Israel in August

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Louis C.K. in 'Louie.' He became a one-man show, because that’s the only way to make loneliness present.Credit: AP

Comedian Louis C.K. will appear at Jerusalem’s Pais Arena this August, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Monday.

C.K. is expected to make only one appearance, but could end up doing another show if ticket demand is great enough, as was the case with Jerry Seinfeld who came to Israel this year.

The comic’s official website has yet to post dates of his European tour, but it is expected to update them later Monday, as well as the exact dates and ticket prices.

Louis C.K., Feb. 28, 2015.Credit: AP

C.K. first hinted of a possible Israel visit during a radio interview with Howard Stern, where he made an aside comment that he would do a show in an Israeli stadium and would earn millions. Following this statement, rumors abounded that the comedian would appear in Israel but until Monday, with the ordering of the arena and setting of an exact date, there had been no official confirmation.

C.K., who is considered one of the most prominent and sharpest comedians of his generation, has a reputation as a provocateur who does not fear taking on any taboo. He has dealt with racism, pedophilia, hard drugs and other controversial subjects on a number of occasions.

He also addressed the Israeli-Palestinian issue in a monologue he delivered last year on “Saturday Night Live.” C.K. compared Israel and Palestine to his two daughters in the monologue, “and I’m like America,” he added.

Louis C.K. 2015 - Mild Racism, Middle East, Child Molesters

“The little one is like Palestine because she is always screwed. She gets the worst deals,” he joked.

“Louis,” C.K.'s show, has run five seasons, winning four Grammys for the best comic writing. Many consider it as one of the most sophisticated comedies in American television, taking it in revealing, personal and especially dark directions.

Still, C.K. remarked recently that it is not clear if there would be a sixth season because he himself no longer feels like the character he created, and because it is an autobiographical comedy, he is not sure he will return to writing a new plot.

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