Jerusalem Film Fest to Feature Tribute to Antonioni

Another tribute will be held for the independent American animator Don Hertzfeldt.

Nine Israeli movies will compete for the best full-length feature award at the 29th Jerusalem International Film Festival, to be held July 5-14.

Seven of the competing movies are the first works of directors, and two were made by women. The contestants include Ami Levana's "Sharqiya," which debuted in the last Berlin Festival, and Meni Yaesh's "God's Neighbors," which was screened at the last Cannes Festival's "Critics' Week" - both to critical acclaim.

Other films competing in the category of best feature film include director and screenwriter Dover Kosashvili's new film "Single Plus," starring Yael Toker, Ruby Porat Shoval and Michal Yanai; Benny Torati's "The Balad of the Weeping Spring;" Yariv Horowitz's "Rock the Casbah;" Dana Goldberg's "Alice;" Idan Hubel's "Disconnecting the Water;" Rama Burstein's "Filling the Void;" and Amir Manor's "Hayuta and Berl."

The 10 films competing for the best documentary award range from sketches of cultural icons, such as Yair Qedar's film on poet Yona Wallach and Levi Zini's work about Dahn Ben Amotz, to debates on personal and social issues.

The competing movies in this category include "Garden of Eden" about Gan Hashlosha National Park (Sahne ), directed by Ran Tal, whose previous documentary "Children of the Sun" was a hit; "The Gatekeepers," directed by Dror Moreh, about six former Shin Bet security service chiefs; "Good Garbage" by Shosh Shlam and Ada Ushpiz, a look at the Mount Hebron garbage dump and its ideological and political repercussions; "Numbered," directed by Dana Doron and Uriel Sinai, which focuses on the moment in the Holocaust when the number is branded on the arm of a prisoner; and "Five Broken Cameras" directed by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, about Burnat's attempts to document the resistance to building the separation wall in his village, Bil'in.

The festival will kick off with a screening of Woody Allen's new film, "To Rome With Love." A tribute will be held for Michelangelo Antonioni on the occasion of his 100th birthday and will feature six of the Italian director's movies, including "The Adventure" (L'Aventura" ), "The Night" ("La Notte" ), "The Scream," "Blow Up," "Zabriskie Point" and "The Passenger."

Another tribute will be held for the independent American animator Don Hertzfeldt, featuring the trilogy "It's Such a Beautiful Day," "Everything Will Be OK" and "I Am So Proud of You."