Israeli Company Develops 'Iron Dome' Game

Gamytech's single-player game is meant to raise awareness of Hamas rocket-fire on Israel.

An Israeli company has developed a game called "Iron Dome" to raise awareness of Hamas rocket fire on Israel.

Gamytech said in a statement Thursday that the single-player game "was created to get the word out about the current situation Israel is facing, as several rockets are fired at Israel each day, both in the game and in reality."  

The game's creators developed it in 24 hours, they said. Playing it involves intercepting Hamas rockets using the Iron Dome missile defense system.

The game features "loud sirens within danger areas to alert people that they have only 15 seconds to find shelter," according to the statement. 

"It is important to separate fiction from reality and to understand that what is going on in the game is a reflection of what Israel is actually facing," said the game's creators. 

"Iron Dome" is available for download for Android phones.