Israeli Student Designs Jewelry That Harnesses Energy - Through Your Veins

Ever run out of battery on your cell-phone? One grad student's Jewelry range turns you into a living, breathing energy source.

A photo from Naomi Kizhner's website.

Is there anything more annoying than running out of battery on your cell-phone, and having no way to recharge it?

One Israeli graduate student may have come up with a solution to this pesky problem: Jewelry that turns you into a living, breathing electricity source.

Naomi Kizhner, who hails from Jerusalem, has designed pieces that are embedded into the wearer’s veins in order to harness energy. The wearer’s movements and blood flow then turn a wheel inside the piece, which generates electricity from this kinetic energy.

"I wanted to provoke the thought about how far will we go to in order to 'feed' our addiction in the world of declining resources,” Kizhner told Cosmopolitan.

The three pieces in her “Energy Addicts” range are called The Blinker, The E-pulse Conductor and The Blood Bridge.

“There are lots of developments of renewable energy resources, but the human body is a natural resource for energy that is constantly renewed, as long as we are alive. I wanted to explore the post-humanistic approach that sees the human body as a resource… Will we be willing to sacrifice our bodies in order to produce more energy? My intention is to provoke a discussion,” Metro cited her as saying.