Humans of New York Blogger Hits Streets of Jerusalem

Brandon Stanton, who turned his popular photo blog into a New York Times bestseller, is spinning new stories from the capital of Israel.

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A screenshot of Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York Facebook page.
A screenshot of Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York Facebook page.Credit: Screenshot

The founder of the popular Humans of New York photo blog is taking his show on the road to Israel, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes of his portraits cum quotes of Palestinians and Jews in Jerusalem.

"Before I return to New York portraits, I want to share some portraits and stories that I gathered on an unscheduled side trip that I took to Jerusalem," wrote Brandon Stanton, who has documented some 6,000 people on his HONY Facebook page since its founding in 2010.

His eponymous book hit the top of the New York Times bestseller list for non-fiction last year.

Stanton started uploading photos from Jerusalem on his Facebook page, which boasts over 10 million likes, Wednesday night. Scenes include a portrait of six Palestinian schoolgirls, children, and elderly couple and a group of physically challenged youth at the Western Wall.

The venture is not without its controversy.

After he posted a portrait of and story from a Holocaust survivor, who lost her siblings and parents in the war, a debate over the amount of empathy she deserved to receive emerged.

One critical user posed the question "how can people who experienced so much misery and pain to a terrible, atrocious political madness support or silently approve the very same madness perpetuated by their own elected government," hinting at Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

"How do you know she didn't?" responded another user. "She could have worked tirelessly her whole life to try to better life for everyone there," speculated another. "The point of this whole page is that we don't know the secret strengths and weaknesses we all carry."

On a lighter note, one of the popular photos showed little boy holding up weights.

"I can lift 15 kilos."

"How much do you think you'll be able to lift when you're grown up?"

"20 kilos."

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