David Broza Crowdsourcing for Peace Project

Building on his latest album 'East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem,' the Israeli singer is trying to raise funding for a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the album.

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Israeli guitarist David Broza is taking his show on the Internet, crowdsourcing an Israeli-Palestinian coexistence project.

"Please join me in showing that music can be a bridge builder between people in Israel and Palestine," announced Broza on the Indiegogo website. The campaign's goal is to raise enough funds to complete his "East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem" film project, a documentary of the making of his album of the same name in 2013 and released this year.

Broza said the project would also include behind-the-scenes videos, ranging from the Israeli and Palestinian chefs who prepare daily banquets to conversations with children from the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Choir. He noted some of the proceeds would go toward organizations that "see music as a bridge builder and which had some involvement with the album," such as Polyphony, The Daniel Pearl Foundation and the YMCA youth choir.

The Haifa-born musician, who was raised in England and Spain, recorded East Jerusalem West Jerusalem in a recording studio in the predominantly-Palestinian east side of the capital. Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Steve Earle directed the project. He sang the album's title song with Wyclef Jean.

The album's title song is a duet with Wyclef Jean. The 13 album tracks include new, original recordings as well as covers of songs written by Elvis Costello, Cat Stevens and Roger Waters.

Broza specifies the breakdown of how the funds will be spent, 40% going to offline editing, with the remainder being evenly split between online editing and color correction, sound editing and mix, and outreach and impact campaigns.

Donor's get anything from an honorable mention on the "Bridge Builders Wall" on Broza's personal website ($5) through a signed limited edition vinyl pressing of the album ($50) to executive producer status ($10000). His wife Nili, a professional fashion designer, is offering three special silk dresses for $1000, one of which has already been claimed.