Singing Again, After Her Elysee Layover, Carla Bruni Heads to Israel

France's former first lady tells of her Jewish father and how her son was not circumcised and baptized.

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Carla Bruni on tour in Germany last month.
Carla Bruni on tour in Germany last month.Credit: AP

Carla Bruni, singer, model and former first lady of France, hopes to be accompanied by her husband and children when she visits Israel for a concert on May 25.

Bruni, 46, is the wife of former president Nicolas Sarkozy and mother of the couple's not yet three-year-old daughter, as well as a son from a previous marriage. She was interviewed by Yediot Aharonot newspaper.

"He likes Israel very much and I'm sure he will do everything to come," she said. "Maybe if my husband comes we'll stay for a couple of days more. I want to bring my son to Israel for him to get to know it."

After proclaiming her own love for Israel, which she has visited twice, Bruni discussed the Jewish roots of both herself and Sarkozy. Her father was Jewish, as was Sarkozy's grandfather. The former president also has a Jewish grandson, Solal, through his son Jean’s 2008 marriage to Jewish heiress Jessica Sebaoun.

Bruni's son Aurelien, 13, was the product of her relationship with Jewish philosopher Raphael Enthoven. “His father is Jewish and I give him the gift of both heritages,” she told the interviewer, referring to the fact that her son was both circumcised and baptized.

In another interview with Israel's Channel 2 TV, Bruni was asked if she ever imagined becoming first lady. "I'm very open to new experiences," she said. "When I met that man I fell madly in love with him and by chance he was also president of France. I told myself that I needed to deal with it; at least to get my man. And that's what I did."

After leaving the Elysee Palace in May 2012, Bruni has returned to her former career as a singer and part-time model, while Sarkozi has returned to his career as a lawyer – and retired politician.

Asked whether she was eager for Sarkozi to run again for president, Bruni appeared dubious. "It's his call and I will accept it," she said. "But I prefer our lives now."

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