Bringing the Man Bag to Israel

A new collection by Daniella Lehavi and Yossi Katzav takes men's fashion accessories into uncharted waters.

Designer bags for men barely exist in Israel, and Israeli men rarely use bags. But which came first - a lack of supply, or a lack of demand by Israeli men? In any case, a new collection offers a new direction. Men's bags by Denver - a joint venture by Yossi Katzav, the founder of the Sketch menswear brand, and bag and accessories designer Daniella Lehavi - either meets an existing need or creates something new.

The link between the two brands developed several months ago when Ori Lehavi, the chief executive of Daniella Lehavi, learned that Katzav was looking for a way to include men's bags in his winter collection. He contacted him and Katzav gladly accepted the offer of teamwork. Work on the collection moved quickly, says Lehavi, and he compliments Katzav for his pragmatic thinking and his ability to move timetables forward.

Together they designed a precise mini-collection suited to the Israeli man and his needs: a messenger bag; a large, rectangular, tote-like bag; and two weekend bags - one of them made of leather that has to be custom ordered. Other accessories in the collection include cases for iPads and iPhones, a wallet and a belt.

The bags are made of canvas with an internal layer of fabric added for reinforcement and to prevent fraying. The handles and accessories feature leather to ensure durability. All the items are black - the right choice for a first collection of this kind: There is no color more appropriate than black to create a classic collection of timeless items, especially one meant for winter. The collection sticks to a relatively light and sporty style suitable for everyday use, but is at the same time elegant and likely to meet Israeli men's needs.

Prices: bags - NIS 790-1,290 (custom-ordered bag - NIS 3,000 ); wallet - NIS 190; iPad case - NIS 330; iPhone case - NIS 89; belt - NIS 199. Available at Daniella Lehavi and Sketch stores.

A bag from the collection.
Ran Golani