Behind Every 'Great' Man, There's a Queen

A new art project called 'War Drags You Out' depicts a variety of leaders - from Obama to Kim Jung Un - in drag.

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An artist who goes by the name of Saint Hoax is making waves on the Internet with an art project that depicts prominent world leaders in drag.

Called "War Drags You Out," the project consists of a series of digital illustrations of leaders as diverse as George W. Bush, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Hitler and Osama Bin Laden in drag.

"After attending a drag show for the first time, I was struck by the richness of this glamour oriented culture," Sain Hoax writes on his website. "I took a minute to actually look at the faux queens and deconstruct their main components – flamboyant name, fierce persona, defining outfits, personalized hairdo, a trademark feature and one hell of a PR team.

"I then realized that it takes that same exact effort to make a leader."

Like drag queens, he says, political/religious leaders are expected to entertain, perform and occasionally lip-sync a public speech.

"But unlike drag queens, the fame-hungry leaders don't know when to take their costumes off."

Interviewed by the Huffington Post, Saint Hoax  said he wants his art "to become a constant reminder that the idolized leaders are merely performers in drag. My art is purely 'POPlitical' rather than political."

Hitler and Putin in drag.Credit: Screenshot