Louis Vuitton's Bags to Riches Make Aliyah - Just in Time for the Israeli Summer

From the Champagne bag to the famous Alma model − a visit to the new Louis Vuitton store feels like a visit to a museum, but also a place where there is organic style development

Hilla Ohayon
Hilla Ohayon

The Louis Vuitton flagship store, which opened last week in the Ramat Aviv Mall, in its very essence enables the display of a wide variety of the brand’s new collections. That is, of course, the case now as well, at its opening. At present the new store is displaying collections of accessories for men and women for summer 2013, and even a small part of the pre-fall 2013 collection, which will arrive in full later on.

The summer 2013 bag collection reflects the history of the iconic Louis Vuitton bags since the brand was established in 1854. There are four new models of these bags, each of which includes trendy updates for the season.

The model called Keepall made its first appearance in 1930, and as the name indicates it is large and can hold a large number of items. Its elongated rectangular shape has been maintained throughout the years, but over time additional models and prints were added until its incarnation in the present collection, in which a personal monogram can be added, and it is available in a variety of colors. The bag folds and can be stored in the bottom of a larger suitcase, and is suitable for short trips or for everyday use.

The handbag called Speedy is a kind of smaller version of the Keepall. It is also elongated and somewhat rectangular, but is suitable for carrying in your hand and was also first launched in 1930, in the brand’s classic colors, dark and light brown. In the summer collection, on the other hand, it comes in lighter colors and with innovative leather processing.

Particularly outstanding is the model in the brand colors, to which prints of colorful flowers have been added. This is a classic and elegant model, whose medium size is ideal for women who need a relatively large bag, but not too large, for everyday use.

The bag called Noe is shaped like a sack or a bucket, and the upper part is tied with a thick leather thong. It was first shown in 1932 and was designed to carry bottles of Champagne − exactly five bottles − and its color was as pale as the drink. In this year’s summer collection it comes in the original size and in a smaller version, called Petit Noe, in strong colors such as purple and orange. This season it also comes in a shiny version that is coarse to the touch.

Alma − which was originally called Champs Elysee − is probably the most famous Louis Vuitton bag. It was first shown in 1934, but became popular only in the 1960s when many women chose it because it was so clearly identified with the brand, with its colors and the famous checked print. The bottom of the bag is wide, and it becomes increasingly narrow on top toward the round handles.

This bag also first appeared in the brand colors only, but in the summer collection it looks younger and more fashionable than ever, with colors including cherry and yellow. Especially prominent is a midnight blue Alma bag in shiny patent leather, which comes in hard leather. Introducing new colors and types of leather into a classical bag of this type expands its target audience to younger women as well.

And there is also the Lockit, which first appeared in 1958 and is especially flexible.This bag belongs to the group of Louis Vuitton travel bags, because it is convenient to carry and comes with a small lock. In 2006 the brand designers updated it for the first time and changed the key − and now there is a small lock next to the zipper, hanging on a small and delicate patch of leather. Like the brand’s travel bags, this model also still comes in the classical brand colors and in leather printed with a checked design.

The classical nature of the brand characterizes the entire collection, whether it’s scarves, shoes, handbags or suitcases. The updated interpretations of the motifs of the present summer were done with cautious and meticulous elegance, which makes you feel as though you are visiting a museum, but also a place where there is organic design development.

Prices: Alma: NIS 3,000-NIS 11,000. Available at Louis Vuitton, Ramat Aviv Mall, Tel Aviv.

The new Louis Vuitton store at the Ramat Aviv mall, Tel Aviv.Credit: Itai Sikolsky
The Louis Vuitton Noe bag.Credit: Courtesy



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