Pop Open the Bubbly: Where to Ring in 2013 in Israel

There's a New Year's Eve bash for every taste and budget somewhere in the country.

Renana Halperin
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Renana Halperin

Whether you prefer to dance the night away, drown yourself in drink or veg out under a fir tree, you should be able to find the right New Year's Eve party in this good-times guide. There is a shanti-style shindig in the south, a Wild West hoedown in Tel Aviv, 30 types of cake waiting for you at a palace at Kibbutz Ga'ash, and non-stop music, dancing and free champagne at many other venues. A list of possibilities to welcome in 2013.

New Year’s Eve Parties in Tel Aviv

1984’s block party
1984, the pop crew of the 1980s, will be holding a glittering gala at The Block Club. The best of its stars will be performing onstage: DJs Idan Gavriel with Tal Argaman and Tzach Wave, 80s disco, Eurotrash, Europop and 80s kitsch. The lounge will be hosting Vieja’s vintage music.
Where: The Block Club, 157 Salame Street, the new Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv
When: December 31, starting at 10:30 PM
Admission: NIS 30 until 11:30 P.M.; NIS 40/60 after 11:30 P.M.

Squat’s launch party
The Squat, The Block Club’s kid brother next door, is having a launch party with Pacotek and the Roof Animals, who promise to get the year off to an unforgettable start. Other performers will be Mango + Finkelstein, Anna + Sonia, and Soussana + Dina.
Where: The Squat Club, 157 Salame Street, Tel Aviv
When: December 31, 10:30 P.M.
Admission: Free until midnight

Break out the Ritalin at Bootleg
A.D.D., the first mashup line, returns to its roots at this New Year’s Eve bash, the last mashup of 2012. At the DJ station will be Rotem X Meiri and Maya Jacobson with music for the ADD generation, doing sets that salute this year’s music and mashups of old songs we love. People with attention-deficit disorders with an authentic diagnosis and an ID card get in free.
Where: Bootleg, 48 King George Street, Tel Aviv
When: December 31, 10 P.M.
Admission: NIS 60 in advance, NIS 70 at the door

New Year’s Eve at Hamaoz
Bring in 2013 at Hamaoz with DJ Todres of Apples, who will do a set to make your head spin. ImLashon does a punk set with more surprises on the way to start off the new year.
Where: Hamaoz, 32 King George Street, Tel Aviv
When: December 31, 9:30 P.M.
Admission: Free

Michatronix rocks Tel Aviv
The last time the Michatronix crew brought in Gesaffelstein, Tel Aviv needed a week to recover. In Israel for the second time, he’ll be coming for a New Year’s Eve blowout of back-to-back sets by Brodinski. They’ll be rocking the city. 84%Creativity and Wild Bunch will be joining him, and you can bet it’s gonna get crazy.
Where: Haoman 17 Club, 88 Abarbanel Street, Tel Aviv
When:December 31, 10 P.M.
Admission: NIS 60 in advance, NIS 90 at the door

Shesek: Flavors from all over
This year Shesek will once again be decking up for Christmas with fir trees, decorations and video art. Invitees include all Santa Clauses, elves and reindeer, and tipsy, cheerful clientele.
Champagne cocktails will be on sale for NIS 15. Noam and Roiki will be in charge of the space, playing hits from all times, continents and universes.
Where: Shesek Club, 17 Lilienblum Street, Tel Aviv
When: December 31, starting at 9 P.M.
Admission: Free

Sublime: 20 years back
So what if it’s 2013? Sublime is turning back the clock 20 years. This New Year’s Eve, the place will be celebrating with a line-up of happy tunes from the 90s. Pop, dance, rock, alternative and everything that got people happy and on their feet during the immortal 90s. DJ Ilia Grand Master B and DJ Kaio Santana’s wife will be performing.
Where: Sublime, 53 Salame Street, Tel Aviv
When: December 31, 10 P.M.
Admission: NIS 30 advance registration (on Facebook); NIS 50 at the door

Dizengoff: It’s not Purim every day
The Big Bang team is hosting a glam-filled, mysterious ball at the Dizengoff Club, and they promise to do everything they can to help you lose your identity and your inhibitions. The event starts with a reception where everyone who shows up before 10:30 PM gets a free glass of champagne. Latecomers will have to buy a whole bottle – but it’s buy one, get one free. With Dor Dekel, DJ Suiss and B-deck.
Where: The Dizengoff Club, 16 Ben Ami Street, Tel Aviv
When: December 31, 9:30 P.M.
Admission: NIS 50 in advance, NIS 70 at the door

Ride ’em at Tmuna
The Tmuna Theatre will be celebrating the year’s end with a Wild West-theme hoedown. The Rochvim Band will be performing new songs, old songs and some songs from foreign parts. From Gary Eckstein to Idan Raichel, from the Dudaim to Dolly Parton. Yonatan Rozen will be joining as a special guest, and Limor Ballas will be warming things up.
Where: The Tmuna Theatre, 8 Soncino Street, Tel Aviv
When: December 31. Doors open 10 P.M.
Admission: NIS 50 in advance, NIS 70 at the door

12 by 12 at the Junkyard
The Junkyard is giving 2012 a good sendoff with 12 performers over 12 hours: California, Huda G, Nativ, Nomolos, Yotopia, X-dream Germany, Fyakeppa, Butterfly, Dani Polak, Sunshine and Almog & Eliran. With alcohol, goodies and surprises.
Where: The Junkyard, 46 Yehuda Halevi Street, Tel Aviv
When: December 31, 10 P.M.
Admission: NIS 60–80

New Year’s Eve parties in the center of the country

Soho: A double celebration
So what if Jesus is 2013 years old? Soho is celebrating its 12th birthday, and that’s just as important. In honor of both events, the hottest artists are going to be playing this party in a special area built just for the evening. Balkan Beat Box will be appearing with Riff Cohen and DJ Asya.
Admission: NIS 25 with ID.
Where: Soho Restaurant, 15 Moshe Becker Street, Rishon Letzion
When: December 31, 9:30 P.M.
Admission: NIS 100–150 (a ticket lottery will be held on Facebook)

Temple Bar’s 10th anniversary
This old-time beer establishment, which is celebrating a decade since its founding, invites the public to a New Year’s Eve bash at each of its four branches in Israel. Lots of alcohol, varieties of high-quality beer and performances by the house bands. T-shirts and other surprises will be given out, and as midnight approaches everyone will get champagne and chasers to toast 2013.
Where: Temple Bar, Cinema City, Rishon Letzion; Cinema City, Glilot; Cinemall Lev Hamifratz,
Haifa; G section, 207 Weizmann Street, Kfar Sava
When: December 31, open from 5 P.M. until the last customer
Admission: Free

Hatira on Kibbutz Ga’ash: A party in a palace
Hatira ("the castle"), the distinctive white palatial residence on Kibbutz Ga’ash that was converted into an events hall, will be taken over for the evening by party producers Amos Shitrit, Haim Rozenbuch and Adiv Yemini. You can look forward to alcohol and cocktails catered by Vodka Khortytsa, 300 lamps, giant LED screens, dancers, waiters carrying plates of food, an espresso bar, tea and sweets, 30 kinds of cake and soft ice cream with all the trimmings, a free bar plus one and DJ Shiraz Lev. Ages 27 and up.
Where: Hatira on Kibbutz Ga’ash
When: December 31, 10 P.M.
Admission: NIS 120 in advance, NIS 150 at the door

Celebrating at the Colosseum
A New Year’s Eve party at the Colosseum in Rishon Lezion with DJ Ronen Adri, the Morongo Band from Brazil, a free bar with imported alcohol, refreshments and surprises.
Where: Colosseum, 5 Binyamin Smutkin Street, Industrial Zone, Rishon Letzion
When: December 31, 9:30 P.M.
Admission: NIS 140

Aloft at Loft
The Loft Bar and Grill has seen a good many parties over the years, and now it’s time to add another wild one to the list. There will be three special menus to choose from, high-quality drinks and DJ Omri Lavi SpaceCamel to get you up out of your seats.
Where: Loft Bar & Grill, 15 Moshe Becker Street, Rishon Letzion
When: December 31, 8 P.M.
Admission: Free

Jumpin’ at Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street's house band, Jam in the Holy Land, will be playing music that will keep you on your feet all evening, with the many guests. In order to make room for the dance floor, there will be no seating. Special sales and one-time deals will take place throughout the evening. Reservations advised.
Where: Bourbon Street, 8 Hamanofim Street, Herzliya
When: December 31, 8 P.M.
Admission: Diners pay for meals

A banquet fit for Russian royalty
Like every year, Weiner Communications, MTL and Michael Altfeder are holding a banquet to usher in the new year. The event, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, is intended for the creme de la creme of the Russian-speaking community and will take place at the David Intercontinental Hotel. About 700 high-level guests from the uppermost permille of the Russian business sector will be filing into the central hall, which will be designed to look like an ice palace.
Where: The David Intercontinental Hotel, 1 Derech Hamelech Street, Herzliya Pituah
When: December 31, 8:30 P.M.
Admission: Very few tickets at a very high price
For more information: www.facebook.com/events/269531233169196

Dance the year away at Viva Beit Hatzanhan
The traditional New Year’s Eve bash at Viva Beit Hatzanhan will feature all styles of dance – Sixties, Latin, Mediterranean and contemporary. There’s also a program of guest singers and a cafeteria with a meat menu, free soft drinks and alcoholic drinks and champagne at the tables.
Where: Viva Beit Hatzanhan, 121 Rokah Street, Ramat Gan
When: December 31, 9:30 P.M.
Admission: NIS 70

Joining forces in Caesarea
The five-year anniversary party for the Lenon Bar in Caesarea will be held at the Terra events hall with DJ Itai Pasha, DJ Kfir Avrahami and DJ Bura. Black Sunday, Shlishi Studentim and G&K (Shabbat Line) will be joining the Lenon family this time, also celebrating the 15th anniversary of The Hobbit Pub. Advance-sale tickets are available – the first drink is free.
Where: Terra, 19 Haharash Street, Caesarea
When: December 31, 9 P.M.
Admission: NIS 50 in advance

New Year’s Eve Parties in the north

Rockville at Berale
This performance venue in the north will be celebrating New Year’s Eve with Rockville, a cover band that will perform the greatest hits of all time for this dance party. They’ll be doing Amy Winehouse, Adele, Guns n’ Roses, Depeche Mode, U2, Queen, Mashina, Berry Sakharof, Kaveret and all the greats.
Where: Berale, Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva
When: December 31. Doors open 9:30 P.M.; performance starts at 10:30 P.M.
Admission: NIS 120; first drink is free

Ghost Town New Year’s Eve Party at Syncopa Bar
The end of the world didn’t happen, but Syncopa will make it up to you with a party that will seem pretty close to it. Close out the old year with dancing and start off the new year on the right foot: with a hangover. Nine DJs are on board for a seven-hour extravaganza of music from all over the spectrum: Easy Rider (Live Local), Turtle (Tabac), Rejoicer (Raw Tapes), Walter (Tabac), Miss Red (Ninja Tune) and Play Dead (Live Set). Ages 21 and up.
Where: Syncopa Bar, 5 Kiat Street, corner of 1 Nathanson Street, Haifa
When: December 31, 10:30 P.M.
Admission: Free

New Year’s Eve parties in Jerusalem

Catch the show at Uganda
New Year’s Eve at Uganda in Jerusalem is going to be different this year. Performers will include Vaadat Charigim, Lili Franko, Modern Tapes and Ryskinder. The management tells us it’s going to be cold, so bring your parkas. Free admission for guests who dress up as Fiona Horsey.
Where: Uganda, 4 Aristobulus Street, Jerusalem
When: December 31, 9 P.M.
Admission: NIS 20

Back in time: Zappa in Jerusalem
Celebrate the New Year with The Sixties Band and the greatest hits of the 1960s. Ticket includes a free glass of champagne.
Where: Zappa, 28 Derech Hevron Street, Jerusalem
When: December 31. Doors open at 8:45 P.M.; performance starts at 10:30 P.M.
Admission: NIS 110; soldiers and students pay NIS 100

An intimate affair at Hataklit
For New Year’s Eve this intimate pub that pays tribute to the vinyl record will feature lots of music and alcohol, a special drinks menu, goodies and surprises.
Where: Hataklit, 1 Horkanos Street, Jerusalem
When: December 31, 10 P.M.
Admission: Free

Avram Bar
Look forward to a performance by the Jerusalem band WaKaChakA, which plays reggae roots and original, local arrangements. In Avram’s best tradition, drinks and surprises are in store.
Where: Avram Bar, 97 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem
When: December 31, 9:30 P.M.
Admission: NIS 30

New Year’s Eve parties in the south

Shanti at BarBaSaba
BarBaSaba, the ecological beer garden, will be celebrating New Year’s Eve in the same laid-back atmosphere that characterizes the place all year round. An alternative celebration with Mother Earth around a giant tree – not plastic -- with beer from all over the world, regular prices and extraordinary treats, chasers and a great, independent playlist from the computer.
Where: BarBaSaba, 28 Yitzhak Rager Street, Be’er Sheva
When: December 31, 9:30 P.M.
Admission: Free

A party on three streets at Munchilla
New Year’s Eve at Munchilla will spread out over three streets with dance spaces, food stalls, nargilas (water pipes) and hangout areas. Guests who confirm attendance on Facebook will be eligible to win prizes, and there will be surprise treats, too. DJ Greez, king of the students’ parties, will be performing, as will DJ Yaakov Avraham and DJ Shlomix Musix.
Where: Munchilla, 50 Arlosoroff Street, Be’er Sheva
When: December 31, 10:00 P.M.
Admission: Discounted tickets are available for advance purchase.

A New Year's Eve party in Tel Aviv.Credit: Moti Kimche
Ring in 2013 at The Loft.
Revelers party at Haoman 17.
Balkan Beat Box.
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Ring in 2013 at The Loft.Credit: Daniel Tchetchik
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Revelers party at Haoman 17.Credit: Lior Mizrahi
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Balkan Beat Box.Credit: Billy Levy
New Year's Eve

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