Jon Stewart Lampoons Obama’s Stance on Palestinian Statehood

Popular satirist and host of The Daily Show implies that the Palestinian UN bid is legitimate because ongoing negotiations with Israel have not borne fruit.

The host of a popular satirical news show in the United States weighed in on the Palestinian bid for United Nations membership on Thursday night, deriding U.S. President Obama’s suggestion that Palestinian statehood could only come as a result of negotiations with Israel.

stewart - AP - August 23 2010

Jon Stewart, the host of the liberal The Daily Show presented a tongue-in-cheek segment discussing the current Palestinian effort to secure a state at the UN. Stewart implied Israelis and Palestinians have tried to negotiate a peace treaty for years without success, so it is unfair for Obama to demand that Palestinians be restricted to only that option for achieving statehood.

Stewart compared joining the UN as a member state to joining a housing co-operative, implying that Obama’s recent speech at the UN was akin to a rejection letter. “Thank you for your interest in our building, and please come back once you have a letter of recommendation from your mortal enemy,” chided Stewart.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Stewart lampooned the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which he called “a slight ongoing property line dispute in the area between what everybody besides Palestine calls Israel and what everybody but Israel calls Palestine.”

He suggested that Palestinian efforts might be more successful if they changed the spelling on their UN membership application to “Palestein,” mimicking a common Ashkenazi Jewish suffix naming convention. Stewart then suggested they stood an even likelier chance of success if they changed the name to “Dr. Murray Palestein”.

Stewart also skewered the Palestinian public relations stunt of publicly presenting a blue chair to represent their aspirations for UN membership, questioning if the organization now had a “Bring-Your-Own-(expletive)-Chair” policy.