WATCH: New YouTube Video Pokes Fun at Palestinian Statehood Bid

Anonymously-authored music video for Arabic song ‘Blue Chair’ appears to be the work of Palestinians who believe the diplomatic efforts to be misplaced.

A new music video circulating online criticizes the Palestinian Authority’s efforts to bring the issue of Palestinian statehood for a vote in the United Nations. The video for the song ‘Blue Chair’, uploaded to the internet Saturday, appears to be the work of Palestinians.

The Arabic lyrics of the song appear to make light of the amount of attention given to the UN statehood bid, symbolized by the ‘Blue Chair’, an apparent reference to a chair that has been flown around the world for public relations appearances, symbolic of a seat for a future state of Palestine at the UN.

“This chair... is not just any chair. This chair is an extraordinary and magical kind!” read the translated lyrics. “This blue chair... will it give us our ‘Right of Return’? This chair... will it give us back Jerusalem and Palestine? We are people... not like any other people. We are people... who have fallen in love with chairs!”

The Palestinian leadership will be formally requesting of the United Nations that it grant them membership at a session this Friday, September 23. Palestinians are expected to march throughout the West Bank on this day to support the diplomatic efforts.

Jewish settlers in the West Bank have announced that they will also march on that day in support of full Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank.

The ‘Blue Chair’ video was uploaded to YouTube anonymously to a new account opened only Saturday. The YouTube channel page lists the author as 63 years old - also the age of the State of Israel - and residing in the United States, but these attributes cannot be confirmed, as YouTube does not verify this information.

Palestine chair - AP - August 28, 2011