Television / The Gov Is Back

Today, the first day of the long vacation, is also the day on which the franchisees of Channel Two rotate, creating an opportunity for bringing on new programs and fresh seasons of hit shows.

Today, the first day of the long vacation, is also the day on which the franchisees of Channel Two rotate, creating an opportunity for bringing on new programs and fresh seasons of hit shows.

But Channel Two's division into three franchises creates duplication. Every television fad comes in three different versions, all quite similar to one another. When trivia games were in style, there was "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", "The Safe" and "Temptation." Now, in the wave of patriotic shows, which calls trips inside the country, there are any number of travel at home programs. There are also any number of foreign travel programs. It would seem that there is not a bit of soil where Israeli television crews have not trod with their cameras.

The most veteran of these programs, and the most veteran on Channel Two altogether, is "Around the World with Eyal Peled" for the Telad franchise, which is going into its ninth season (Sundays at 20:30). Reshet's "Passport" with Nir Haklili and Israeli celebrities, will show how much fun can be had abroad. As if this were not enough, Kitsis and Freedman are also doing a program abroad, beginning on Thursday evening of next week on Shidurei Keshet. Kitsis and Freedman join Israeli couples and set them tasks abroad.

At home, "The Kushnir Guide to a Vacation in Israel" carries on what "Moshonov on the Map" began as a continuation of what was done by another member of the Zehu Zeh team - "Gidi Gov Goes Out to Eat." Best news yet: Gov is returning with his beloved show "Laila Gov" at 21:45 Wednesdays. (This could be one of the best things happening on television this summer.)

Commercial channel is promoting not only values like Zionism, but also the preservation of the institution of the family; relationships are our top television priority. Michal Yanai and Miki Geva appear on a new program from Telad, "Mazal Tov" (Wednesdays at 20:30) in which couples about to marry and members of their families enter a series of competitions, with the winners receivng prizes for their wedding and for the rest of their lives. Reshet is putting on "His and Hers," a new Israeli sitcom (Tuesdays at 22:00) about pictures from the life of an Israeli couple who have been married for two years.

There is also a lesson in singing: The new game show with Zvika Hadar, "We'll Never Stop Singing," is based on the knowledge of Israeli songs from all periods and rides the wave of community singing that, according to the programmers at Keshet, is sweeping Israel. Other expected game shows: a new season of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" from Reshet starting tomorrow (21:15) and "The Pyramid" from Telad, moderated by Oded Menashe (Sunday, 21:05).

"Makeover" with Orna Datz is entering a new season on Keshet on Monday at 20:30, and the familiar program from BBC Prime that has won an Israeli version, "Ready, Steady, Cook" in the original, called "Hachi Ta'im Sheyesh" in the local version, will be broadcast on Saturday evenings.

Foreign series that in the meanwhile have not been given Israeli versions are David E. Kelley's "Boston Public" on the Bip cable channel from the end of the month (Thursdays 22:45), which depicts the daily lives of teachers at a high school as vibrant, sexy, dangerous and successful; NYPD in its new season (Mondays, 23:15) tries to do the same for the lives of the police, and is for some reason easier to believe; and in the new season of "Once and Again" (Wednesdays, 22:45), Rick and Lily try to establish their affair without hurting their children.

"Erev Adir" is perhaps the most intriguing show this summer on Channel Two. Adir Miler is the stand-up comedian who caps Yair Lapid's interview programs. He does this well, amusingly and successfully. But as if Zvika Hadar had never fallen flat on his face, and as if no one is watching Rami Vered, his predecessor who now has a show of his own on Channel 10, they are landing him with the main Friday entertainment show. This is a dangerous transition. In the patriotic, back-to-our-roots Zionist spirit, we can only hope that he does not disgrace his mother.