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Workaholic entertainer Dror Rafael likes his tech toys, but says he's not 'hard core'.

Dror Rafael, half of the "Shai and Dror" brand, isn't excited by the 13,000 "Likes" flooding the duo's Facebook fan page or by the (Hebrew ) entry under his name in Wikipedia.

"We did an item on the subject, so I checked whether I had an entry," he relates nonchalantly, "but beyond that I don't go into it or update it myself."

Tali Mayer

Rafael says he isn't connected to the Facebook culture that has taken over our lives, but nevertheless he is fluent in the professional jargon ("To tweet is on Twitter and 'attending' is on Facebook" ) and makes use of cyberspace for professional purposes.

Currently he is moderating the program "Dream Team" every night at 11 P.M. on Channel 1, along with Lucy Aharish and Jacky Levy, "Is Anyone Home?" on Channel 10 and the radio program "Shai and Dror" every morning on 103 FM.

Computer: Rafael writes on a desktop computer and an LG laptop. While at the radio station he uses "a really old" computer, he says. He adds that he uses the laptop mostly for studying and admits, "When I study I open Facebook and YouTube straight away, and it's a terrific escape from the tasks that need to get done."

Desktop: "I don't remember. That's the children's department."

Browser and home page: Rafael surfs using the Google Chrome browser and says: "I got connected to it and I think it's very convenient." His home page is the Walla! site.

Favorites: On Rafael's list of favorites are content and news sites, Ynet, Gmail and YouTube, where he tends to surf a lot, especially in order to listen to music. "I always find a song I feel like hearing and I listen to it all day until I move on and listen to another song on 'Repeat.'"

Social networks: Rafael maintains a personal account on Facebook with more than 1,000 friends, but says he is not a "hard core" user of the addictive social network. "I accept everyone and ask people to help me with ideas for the columns I write or I post pictures," he says of the ways he uses the site and adds: "I clicked 'attending' only once, when someone invited me to a birthday party - and I really went." On the "Shai and Dror" Facebook page he also posts video clips from the show and clips from behind the scenes. "I am in favor of Facebook, which has led me to meet new people and sometimes this is nice," he sums up.

Software: "I use a lot of programs and applications on the iPhone, like GPS or a tour guide for all over the world."

Old file: "About four years ago I wrote a book, but not with the aim of publishing it. Instead of writing for the drawer I wrote for the keyboard," reveals Rafael, adding that he still keeps the file on his computer.

Mobile phone: Rafael has boasted an iPhone 4 ever since the model arrived in Israel, and before that he had an iPhone 3. "An iPhone is a friend," he asserts. "It's a really successful device in my opinion, and I do everything with it, really everything." Among the popular apps on his device are The New York Times, Haaretz, an application for listening to radio stations from around the world, WhatsApp for sending free text messages, Viber for free calls, Navigator for navigation and Facebook, YouTube and Skype. "I discovered an application called Vonage, which makes it possible to make free calls to Facebook friends who have also downloaded the application, and thought it was brilliant until Viber came along and made it irrelevant," he relates.

Gadgets: "We have a Wii at home but don't play with it," he says. "We played with it at first but then it got boring to play table tennis - it's better to play for real." Rafael also says, "I have the Hebrew e-reader Ivrit, which is an excellent device but after a tragedy happened to me and all the books got erased, I stopped using it."