Annie Lennox: I Have No Interest in Going to Israel

Ex-Eurythmics singer and human rights activist tells The Observer she is in no way anti-Semitic, but coming to Israel would be 'too volatile.'

Legendary singer and social activist Annie Lennox said in an interview in the British daily The Observer on Sunday that she had no interest in visiting Israel, yet she stressed that she is far from being anti-Semitic.


"I don't have any interest to go to Israel," Lennox told The Observer, adding that "I don't think I'd ever have a cause to go. It would be too volatile [to perform], I think, because people get carried away and they twist what you say."

The gifted singer and ex-Eurhythmics soloist was among the leaders of the international protest against Israel's Gaza offensive in 2009. In an interview in England at the time, she described the IDF's actions in Gaza as "pornography of destruction." She also marched at the head of an anti-war and anti-Israel demonstration in London attended by tens of thousands.

Lennox, who was married to Israeli film producer Uri Fruchtman, with whom she has two daughters who she refers to as "half-Israeli," was adamant to clarify that her criticism against Israel's actions did not make her anti-Semitic nor did it mean that she supported Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza.

Lennox is most notable for her charity work in Africa and raising awareness funds for HIV.