Green Fields Brings Folk Music to Graze in Israel

Moni Arnon and Suzi Miller from the famed 1970s group Brothers and Sisters and guitarist Sagi Eiland will perform their favorite childhood folk music on Saturday night in Tel Aviv.

Looking to rekindle your youth?

This New Year's Day, Israeli folk trio Green Fields hopes to help you do just that in a special concert in Tel Aviv.

Green Fields

Moni Arnon and Suzi Miller from the famed 1970s group Brothers and Sisters have teamed up with guitarist Sagi Eiland to perform their favorite childhood folk music.

Under the banner Days of Innocence from the 50s and 60s in the U.S., the trio has traveled down the length of Israel to share with the audience American folk songs from the early McCarthy era to the days of Bob Dylan.

"These songs take us back to our childhood," Miller explained. "We would listen to people like Joan Baez on the radio or on records, before television was even popular. This music is in our DNA."

Over the course the concert, the band travels through three decades of music from McCarthy era-ballad Kisses sweeter than Wine to protest songs from the 60s and 70s. "Vietnam and the civil rights movement really changed our taste in music, and that's reflected in the show," said the trio.

The group's name, Green Fields, is a nod to the early days of green fields and Kibbutzim in Israel. "This was before fields were cleared to make room for all the malls and high-rises," said Miller. Things were very innocent and green back then."

"At least, we thought it was innocent," Arnon joked. "We were just children in the 50s, and these were the songs we grew up on and heard at school."

Over the course of the evening, audience members can expect to hear a wide variety of hits including Guantanamera and Turn, Turn, Turn.

The concert starts Saturday at 8:30 at Tzavta, at 30 Ibn Gvirol Street in Tel Aviv. For tickets, call 050-4465051 or visit