Dylan Review Roundup

Five Israeli fans review the music icon's first performance in Israel in nearly two decades.

Bob Dylan, it turns out, does live in Israel
By Bradley Burston

Bob Dylan, who played his first concert in twenty years in Israel on Monday, is an unlikely admor for Israelis, perhaps not your first choice as a grand teacher and master, but he has influenced Israel for the better more than any other American Jew.

Dylan - Abir Sultan - June 20, 2011
Abir Sultan

My rebbe held a tisch this week. A gathering of his followers. Like many sages of Israel, he lives abroad. Like many followers of sages, I knew that there was every risk that if I came to the tisch, it might be unsettling in tone, disappointing in content, even, at times, infuriating.

Tangled up in Bob
By Simon Spungin

As expected, Bob Dylan confounded expectations in Ramat Gan on Monday

Dylan is the ultimate "what you see is what you get" musician. His live performances are exactly that: they are not shows. He chooses a dozen or so songs, creates new versions of them in whatever style grabs his fancy at the time¬ on Monday night, his bluesy versions of "Tangled Up In Blue" and "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" were so far removed from the original than many in the audience didn't recognize them until the chorus and if you don't like it, tough.

I want my money back, Its that simple
By Nicola Simmonds

Dylan - Moti Milrod - June 20, 2011
Moti Milrod

There had been a buzz in the air. For months you could overhear conversations in Tel Aviv about how much people had paid for tickets.

No "Hurricane." No "Sara." No "Times Are a Changing." No "Mr. Tambourine Man." No "It Aint Me Babe" No "Knocking on Heavens Door." No "I Want You." No "Maggies Farm." No "Just Like a Woman."

Bob Dylan proves he's still got it in Tel Aviv
By Ben Shalev

It was not a perfect performance, but it exceeded the expectations of the most optimistic of Dylan's fans; those who were disappointed had unrealistic expectations.

Those who cast doubt on Bob Dylan's ability to perform were forced to eat their words after his excellent performance on Monday night. What hasn't been said about the old-timer's performance skills? They said that he was tired, they warned that his voice has gone, they predicted a catastrophe similar to his 1987 performance, but all their warnings were unfounded.

Bob Dylan Rocks Ramat Gan Stadium
By Scott Krane

It was wonderful to have the legendary Jewish artist on home turf. And we'll look forward to more iconoclastic adventures from the godfather of American folk-rock.

Monday night, Bob Dylan and his band took to the stage of Ramat Gan Stadium for an evening of freedom, fun and electric rock and roll, playing to a nearly full venue of Israeli Dylan die-hards and other catharsis seeking concert goers. If seeing the 70-year-old folk/rock/pop bard, harmonica blowing, painting, poet and axe-slinging guitarist was not enough to draw the crowd – a beautiful evening under the stars in a staple venue certainly was.