Tisto to Work Musical Magic Again in Israel

The Dutch DJ is a regular guest in Israel.

Dafna Arad
Dafna Arad
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Tijs Michiel Verwest, aka DJ Tiesto, during a 2012 performance.
Tijs Michiel Verwest, aka DJ Tiesto, during a 2012 performance.Credit: swimfinfan
Dafna Arad
Dafna Arad

DJ Tisto, one of the most successful DJs of all times, will perform on October 13 at the Live Park Rishon Letzion.

The Dutch DJ is a regular guest in Israel: Even before he made a name for himself as an international producer and a popular DJ, he had worked in clubs in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in the late 1990s. Today he is ranked fifth in the world in his field, according to DJMag, and in second place on the Forbes Magazine list of the world’s wealthiest deejays, having earned some $38 million this year.

Last year the 47-year-old DJ spoke about shifts in musical styles in the electronic genre at an event in Las Vegas.

“EDM used to be a term for all of electronic dance music," he told his audience, "but now it just means all the music that you’re not supposed to play. It became the new trance. It got popular, so now we’re all into deep house. And soon we’ll be over that. You can’t win. I wish we could have just stuck with EDM, honestly, because we finally had a term that captured everything in one big family, like jazz. But no, we had to be hip.”

Tisto's Rishon event is being produced by Next Productions, in cooperation with the Zappa group.