Israeli Revelers Prepare to Celebrate the End of the World

Though it's unclear whether we will be here next week, if everything really does come to an end on Friday there is a wealth of events that offer a great way to check out of this world.

Hadar Silberstein and Yoni Sharon
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Hadar Silberstein and Yoni Sharon

If we have to end this business of human existence, there's no reason not to dance while doing so. Following are suggestions for parties and shows around Israel that will help to accept the bad news in a fun way.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

In honor of the end of the gray world, the Tel Aviv's Barbie Club will have an end-of-the-world party with about 40 musicians in three live performances, and two deejays in a huge one-off musical celebration. The first to go onstage will be the Eliyev family, three generations of musicians with Bukharan ecstasy onstage. The second is of the Shmemel band, 10 musicians who will provide a colorful and positive performance with songs from their two albums. And for dessert, Marshe Dondurma, a brass band of 15 wind-instrument players and drummers that combines the warmth and acoustic power of a traditional brass band, with Israeli, Balkan and Mediterranean influences. Doni Kisluk (Margoza Crew, Kol Hacampus) and GULA K will deejay before, after and between performances, precise and colorful electro groove.

Where: Barbie Tel Aviv, 52 Kibbutz Galuyot
When: Thursday, December 20, beginning at 8:12 PM (20:12)
How much: NIS 80-100

The psychedelic Mayan news of the end of the world has also reached Manara Cliff in northern Israel, where a party summing up 5,000 years of human music in all its variety, is being organized. The Trumpeldov production team is organizing a colorful party for you that will begin with groove and continue with trance and meditative music, opposite to the most beautiful landscape in Israel.

Where: Tzuk Manara, on Highway no. 90 on the way to Kiryat Shmona
When: Friday, December 12, beginning at 9:30 PM.
How much: NIS 15

At Passage 81 in Herzliya they're cooking up a particularly festive evening for you in honor of the end of the world as we know it, with a hard core party composed entirely of hip-hop. Tal Elefant (Kol Hacampus) will spin discs and provide a black, sharp and rhythmic soundtrack, for the concluding evening of the world.

Where: Passage 81, 81 Sokolov, Herzliya
When: Thursday, December 20, beginning at 10 PM
How much: Free entry

Friday, December 21

Members of Kibbutz Ein Hashofet are organizing an end-of-the-world event of performances and music at the honorary dais of the Galilee. Performers: Geva Alon, Tal Cohen Shalev, Sun Tailor, Haya Miller and Hila Ruach, Drunk Machine, Flora (Liron Meshulam) the Layerz trio, Yogev Haruvi (Drum and Didgeridoo), @B.M. (Amir Bresler and Hod Moshonov), MALOX, Benno Handler and Eyal Talmudi and NoamiKo (Noam Helfer). All this and more, along with flickering screens, sparkling colors, flashes, independent art, stalls, food, alcohol, raspberry juice, everything for a happy end.

Where: The Megiddo regional hall at the entrance to Kibbutz Ein Hashofet
When: Friday, December 21, beginning at 5:30 PM
How much: NIS 60-80

At the Ozen Bar they decided to mark the end of the world by holding a special evening of tribute to all the musicians who passed away this year. Among the artists whose music will be heard are: Whitney Houston, Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys), Etta James, Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Donna Summer, Levon Helm (The Bank), John Lord (Deep Purple), Davy Jones (The Monkees), Hal David, Robert Sherman, Greg Ham (Men at Work). Artists such as the Tree band, Uzi Ramirez, One, Two Many, Ram Orion, Billy Levy and The Firm, Antiobiotika, Sefi Efrati, Zvika Force and others will give them last respects at an evening with an atmosphere of parting, from them and from the world.

Where: Ozen Bar, 48 King George, Tel Aviv
When: Friday, December 21, beginning at 10 PM
How much: NIS 40

Saturday, December 22

At Bootleg they're taking a short recess from all the imports that have landed there recently, because they feel that the end of the world should be celebrated among friends. That's why instead of the duo Lamp and Jo, they are bringing Red Excess, for whom 2012 was undoubtedly their year; and the veteran Ravid Yehoshua, Red Rubin and Yoni Di. Furthermore, their protected space provides good protection from missiles, so it will certainly be your place of refuge against zombies, or whatever the Mayans bring us.

Where: The Bootleg, 48 King George, Tel Aviv
When: Saturday, December 22, 11:30 PM
How much: NIS 50 –70

The Breakfast is bringing the duo with the name that suits the end-of-world atmosphere - Suicide Local - a duo, half of which comes from the Munich clubs and the other from the Salonika indie scene. The club owners described them well when they said that they their set is on the lines of "Ivan Smagghe-Peaches-Iggy Pop." Sounds like the set of the century. Gal Ofer, who works at the club, is in charge of the warmup.

Where: The Breakfast, 6 Rothschild, Tel Aviv
When: Saturday, December 22, midnight
How much: NIS 30 – 50

In honor of the end of the world (or the end of the year) the groups RawTapes, Michatronix, The Broken Fingaz and Ghostown Crew are getting together for a very good production for the party that will begin Saturday afternoon and continue until the wee hours of the night. On the menu: Deejaying by producer and DJ Bunny on Acid, hot deejaying by the whiz deejay Mesh, a live performance of the brilliant Buttering Trio, a live performance of the electronic duo 3421 and deejaying by the youngest deejay in town (18), Galo. All that and more on the backdrop of Israeli video art, drinks and good vibes.

Where: Urbanca Loft, 27 Schocken, eighth floor, Tel Aviv
When: Saturday, December 22 beginning at 4 PM
How Much: NIS 40

Another event taking place on our last weekend is a dreamy, colorful, fictitious and apocalyptic musical happening that will include, among others, live performances of the Vaadat Harigim ensemble, Bela Tar (Zoe Polanski), Robocop, and Bitter Jews. In addition, DJ Yonder (Yarden Elbocher) will bring you a purely psychedelic set. On the artistic side there will be B movies screened on the walls, a liquid-light show, hundreds of balloons, beach balls, corners with retro camps (Space Invaders, Pong), intergalactic punch, a crazy moon setting, and a smell of hot glue.

Where: Hateiva hall, 19 Jerusalem Boulevard, Tel Aviv
When: Saturday, December 12, from 6 PM
How Much: NIS 30-50

Mexicans wearing pre-Hispanic Mayan costumes in Playa del Carmen during preparations for the celebration of the end of the Maya Long Count Calendar, Mexico, December 18, 2012.Credit: AFP