Tel Aviv 50s Childhood Influences 2014 Fashion Label

The designers behind Sister M combine elements of city and country to create an easygoing collection inspired by Israel’s national bird.

Hila Ohayon
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Sister M.Credit: Dvir Kahlon
Hila Ohayon

Rahya and Meital Mitrani’s Sister M fashion label has been in 
business in Tel Aviv for four years. Older sister Meital studied fashion design at Bezalel, Rahya 
studied at Shenkar. They say that 
having gone to different schools helps them work together. “The artistry of Bezalel and the technique of Shenkar are a great combination,” says Meital. While the approaches of their schools may be different, the women seem very 
similar. They complete each other’s sentences and complement one 
another in their designs. The basis of their label is a combination of city (they were born, raised and live in Tel Aviv) and their love for nature and the outdoors, which is apparent in each of their collections, always in a new way.

The Sister M summer collection is influenced by their father’s stories about his childhood in Tel Aviv in the 1950s, and his love for the city’s birds. He learned to identify birds and delved into books to learn more about them. He passed on his knowledge and love to his daughters, and they chose the hoopoe as the main inspiration for their latest summer collection. “It seems like such a simple, common bird, but it’s so beautiful and it has a unique crown on its head and unique colors,” says 
Rahya. The colors of the collection were also drawn from the hoopoe’s habitat, so green is found in abundance. The fabrics are mostly natural: silk, cotton, crepes, chiffons and more.

At least 85 percent of the collection is comprised of loose, comfortable maxi-length dresses printed in different shades. The sisters understand that in the Israeli summer, it’s best to have as little clothing as possible touching the body, so their clothes offer plenty of breathing space. The dresses made of sheer fabrics have a thin, short lining so there is no need to add another layer.

The collection also includes some very wide trousers, somewhat difficult to identify as pants, which come with matching cropped tops. There are also short and very roomy tunics with 
buttons all the way down, and short dresses with cheerful prints.

Also on display at the studio is 
jewelry designed by the sisters and meant to complete the outfits. But they could easily stand on their own: floor-length bead necklaces with huge 
feathers or embroidery, with motifs that recall Native American or Far East styles, but are just as carefree as the clothes in the collection.

Prices: NIS 400-1,800. Available at the studio shop, 79 Salame Street, Tel Aviv

Photo by Dvir Kahlon
Photo by Dvir Kahlon