Pin-up Girls Pitching in for Pit Bulls

A calendar featuring 'dangerous' dogs and female dog-lovers aims to raise money and change the negative public perception in Israel associated with dogs in need of rehabilitation.

Anna Burd
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Chicks for Pits, an initiative aimed at supporting dog breeds that have been labeled dangerous and in need of rehabilitation, has released a fundraising calendar. The calendar includes fifties-style pictures of female canine enthusiasts, alongside dangerous dogs, which surprisingly, dont seem dangerous or threatening at all.

When the calendar is ready, says graphic designer Yael Aharonovich, it will be sold, and the proceeds will be donated to Dinos house, an organization that helps to rehabilitate dogs like these.

When people see me in the street with my dogs, an Amstaff and a Doberman, they get frightened, and cross the street, says Adi Zioni, who helped produce the calendar, and is pictured in it as well (disclaimer: both Zioni and Aharonovich work for Haaretz).

The Israeli Agriculture Ministry has created legislation differentiating between dangerous and non-dangerous dogs. Breeds such as the Rottweiler, Pit Bull Terrier, Amstaff and others fall into the dangerous category. Zioni explains however, that aside from raising money for the dogs, it is important to us to try and break down the stigmas associated with them.

It all depends on how you raise the dog, not its breed, continues Zioni. If you raise a dog to attack, it will attack. But it doesnt need to be that way.

Dudu Marciano, who runs Dinos House, provides shelter for roughly 50 dangerous dogs. Often, dogs from so-called dangerous breeds are raised by their owners to fight. Marciano, a professional dog trainer, rescues them, and begins a rehabilitation process, during which he attempts to revert their lives back to normal. Many of the dogs are in need of medical care, as some of the dogs have had their tails or ears clipped – owners tend to think that this makes them look more threatening. Marciano teaches his dogs how to get along with other dogs, and interact normally with people as well. His goal is to put the dogs up for adoption and find them good homes.

By the way, some of the dogs depicted in the calendar are up for adoption as well.

Dudus organization is in a tough financial situation, and its very important to us to help keep it going, explained Zioni. At first, the girls managed to print some 200 copies of their calendar, which has been produced on a strictly volunteer basis. They hope to continue in their endeavors by printing more copies, and turning the calendar into a yearly tradition.

Aside from that, says Zioni, we plan to produce something involving children as well, to show that these dogs, considered dangerous, arent necessarily so, and they can get along with everyone, including children.

Those who care for dogs defined as dangerous face the additional problem of low adoption rates. People are frightened by them, they want to adopt breeds that they think are easier to care for. Theyre afraid that one day, the dog will get wound up and attack, says Zioni. Thats the perception we want to change.

The calendar costs NIS 50, and will be available for sale during an event on Saturday night, at Polly, a bar located at 60 Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. Additional prizes will also be raffled off, and dog toys will be available for purchase at NIS 10. All of the proceeds will go to Dinos house. Donations of dog blankets, toys, and other canine gear will also be accepted.

The calendar is available for purchase via

Credit: Moti Malul
Credit: Moti Malul
Credit: Moti Malul
Credit: Moti Malul