Pete Doherty to Make Debut Israel Performance

Moshe Kutner
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Moshe Kutner

British rocker Pete Doherty will give his first ever performance in Tel Aviv this April, the show’s impresario, Naranjah Productions, announced on Tuesday. The show will take place on April 30 at Tel Aviv’s Barby club. Tickets will be offered for advance sale at a price of 195 shekels each ($56).

Doherty, one of the biggest stars of British rock in the previous decade, is the current lead singer of Babyshambles and former soloist of The Libertines, as well as a solo performer. “Up the Bracket,” The Libertines’ 2002 debut album, is considered one of the most important rock albums of that decade by major music journals.

Doherty’s personal life has long been fodder for the tabloid press, including riots, drug addiction, rehabilitation and a relationship with model Kate Moss, who sang with him in some of his performances over the last decade.

He provided even more tabloid fodder in 2009 when he apologized after being booed off stage in Munich for singing the Nazi anthem “Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles”.

Doherty faced boos and jeers from a crowd at the music festival in Munich organized by Bayerischer Rundfunk radio when he sang the song that was the Nazi national anthem during the concert broadcast live.

Doherty was asked to leave the stage by a moderator and he threw the microphone at her. Radio station BR demanded an apology.

“He was unaware of the controversy surrounding the German national anthem and he deeply apologizes if he has caused any offense,” Doherty’s spokeswoman said in a statement published on the website of Sky News.

The national anthem has been used since 1922 but its first verse − with the refrain “Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles” − was dropped after World War Two due its Nazi overtones. Since 1952, the third stanza has been used − “Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit” or “unity and justice and freedom.”

In addition to his career as a star of London’s rock revival, Doherty is also a poet, actor and artist and the father of two children.

File photo: British musician Pete DohertyCredit: AP

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