Pitta-Porter: The Latest Designs From the Israeli Riviera

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The new collection by Yoav Rish and Netanel Zikri. Photos by Guy Kushi and Yariv Fein

One needn’t love everything Yoav Rish does to admire the meticulousness of his work and the unique fashion statement he makes. After years of designing wedding gowns, Rish decided to collaborate with Netanel Zikri on an evening wear collection they call Resort Tel Aviv. In an interview in his studio, which puts one in mind of an enchanted Barbie-doll house, Rish says: “I decided to bring Saint-Tropez here, whether it’s cottons and silks for [wearing] at home or sturdy fabrics and strong knits for outdoor wear.”

The collection, also inspired by a retro travel look, is based on Rish’s careful sewing, Zikri’s cuts, and the conjuring of a rich and colorful world far removed from mundane cares, which will surely appeal to many customers. Among the items is a turquoise silk overall-dress with puffed sleeves; mini-dresses with skirts of very sheer fabric and a knitted top studded with stones; asymmetrical dresses with sleeves, with leather and in a beautiful cotton print; a boucle dress with fringed sleeves; dramatic maxi-dresses, peppermint-colored dresses and even a riding outfit with beetle-shaped jewels on the chest.

It’s obvious that Rish knows how to sew and that he knows the female body. He and Zikri have created a very lively collection, although at times it seems a bit heavy for the resort mentality at the heart of it. It seems that Rish wanted to show off everything he can do: shape-enhancing cuts, complex dresses, fabric blends, leather and gems, luxurious prints. Once he returns from this vacation – on which many customers will no doubt be delighted to join him – it will be interesting to see if he can also create more easy-going clothes that will attract another type of clientele, one that’s not so much at home in complicated, glamorous evening wear.

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