Israeli Designers Collaborate on a Collection of Woven Jewelry

Hilla Ohayon
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Hilla Ohayon

A collaboration between designers Itai Mintz and Hadas Tuval has produced a unique jewelry collection. Made of strands of thread, metals and other materials that are woven together on individually made looms, the collection includes mainly necklaces, along with some bracelets and earrings.

Mintz, the designer and owner of Dario's fashion accessories, met Tuval several years ago when he sold his designs to Razili, the retail outlet where she worked in visual presentation. Tuval has since completed her studies in textile design at Shenkar College and lived abroad. After returning to Israel, the two friends reconnected and began working on their unique textile product, which draws on handicrafts based on new technological developments. They have produced some 20 items over the last four months.

The name of the collection, Maravillo Telar, Loom Jewel and Loom Wonder reflects the collaboration between the two designers. Tuval brings her expertise in textile techniques and Mintz, known for his designs inspired by South American tribal cultures, provides a unique visual statement.

They don't use standard looms. Instead they assemble their own models and looms, using them to weave together strands of thread, metals and accessory parts they purchase in specialty shops in Israel and abroad. Because of the individual nature of each item, the model cannot be reused and there are no copies of most of the items.

The focus of the collection is necklaces in unconventional sizes. Each necklace requires at least two days of work and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Some are on the monochromatic scale from light gray, black and white, while others are in warmer tones of gold, brown-red and beige. There are only a few pairs of earrings in the collection and for good reason. A quick glance at the looms is enough to grasp the difficulty of designing one for an item as small as an earring. Relatively small models are used to make the stunning bracelets in the collection.

There is a lot of beauty in the creations of these artists who don't let machines and computers do the work for them, but rather enjoy the manual crafts and many processes that go into making the final product.

Prices: earrings: NIS 390-465; necklaces: NIS 585-3,000; bracelets: NIS 480-525. Available at Razili stores and by appointment at Dario's Studio, 16 Avigdor Street, Tel Aviv, 054-7949189.

From the Maravillo Telar, Loom Jewel and Loom Wonder collection of woven jewelry.Credit: Ziv Sadeh